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The Elite’s Puzzle Hunt!

Recently, a few members of the-elite turned me on to what can only be called “Puzzle Hunts.” These puzzles involve abstract, creative thinking in order to solve, every puzzle different with the solutions rarely clear! Some hunts the-elite has done:

All these hunts are produced from Australia, and we thought, “We should make an American one!” The idea was tossed around for awhile without much of a result, until Infil took some initiative and got things going!

The Elite Hunt was headed up by Infil, but puzzles were made by four other eliters (I even contributed one), as well as Neo helping to make the hunt website, which you can find here:

The official competition is over, but you can still register a screen name, team, and try to solve the puzzles! Read the FAQ and Rules if you need help, and feel free to ask any of us in the chatroom or on the forum if you just have no idea how to get started. If you want to comment, by all means, leave feedback wherever you like, ’cause we need tips for next year’s hunt! (right, Infil? :D )

Posted: January 13th, 2010
at 4:27pm by Thiradell

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 3 comments

  • Vitor

    those puzzles are hard!

  • http://N/A Sin Vraal

    You guys never heard of the biggest American ones, eh?

    1) Microsoft puts out a huge extravaganza but it’s generally not open to the public.

    2) MIT puts out an annual mystery hunt (the winning team each year gets the honor of putting on the next year’s hunt) – here’s a website, and it is highly recommended for any puzzlers that like MUMS and SUMS and CISRA’s puzzles (the 3 sites you identified above).

  • http://N/A Sin Vraal

    Oops, hit enter too soon.

    Was going to say there are a large number of other American hunts out there – Harvard has one, Rochester U has one… there’s also competitions like DASH (which span multiple states). A whole world for you to explore. ;)


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