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The gods are merciful

Let me tell you a story. When I was a young man at the ripe age of 19 or so, I got 1:05 Surface 1 agent. At the time it was a WR that wasn’t *too* terribly common just yet. I had spent about 20 hours over the course of one weekend working on it. I had amassed 39 1:06 runs and deemed this the greatest crime against probability in history. When I saw 1:05 on the screen I wanted to weep. That’s how draining the experience was, lol.

Now, consider that Wouter has amassed a total of 540 completed 54s on Dam agent. That’s 539 more 54s than what I have. That’s over 500 more completions than what I endured for my most painful campaign ever. This guy’s determination and commitment are absolutely peerless.. If you haven’t been around the Elite neighborhood in a few days, then I’m proud to be the first to tell you that Wouter finally did it. He got 53.

Posted: November 29th, 2004
at 4:43pm by Derek

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Comments: 6 comments

  • Bryan Bosshardt


  • Adam Durkacz

    Well done w00t :hehe:

  • Dan


  • bcks

    :crazy: = wouter :hehe:

  • Goldenvinze

    Good Job w007er.I knew you would never give up.

  • tom

    which thread is it? :rolleyes:


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