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Frontpage Catchup – Fantasy League & The Spring of INSANITY

“Insane.” “Epic.” “Amazing.” These are words that get thrown around gaming communities all the time in hyperbole and over exaggeration. But if anything, what’s happened recently in the elite is beyond these few words.

Briefly, let’s take a look:

April 27 – In the fluke that would change the world, Squrpion hits the Depot Warp. This was a TAS-only strategy that had been known about since at least 2010. It had been attempted in the thousands of times on console, but no one ever hit it, until Squrpion did. This would change the entire landscape of not only Depot Agent, but the Depot leaderboards and WR tables as we know it… forever.


– Later that night, Ryan Koch is the first to use the new strategy to execute an untied WR in Depot Agent 0:24. His first career untied, and a fitting one. It is however shortly thereafter tied by Daniel “Wodahs” Coelho.

April 28 – The race for 0:23 goes on and Sir Phillip Bezgoubov becomes the first player to achieve what used to be considered the “TAS-only” time, tying Miika Pekkala’s TAS run from 2010. It is his first untied WR and the defining record for his young and promising career. 0:23 however is tied shortly thereafter by another strong newcomer; Sammy Rodrigues.

April 28 – Icyspeedruns posts his first untied WR, MBR Agent 1:18. This breaks Boss’ untied sweep which stood, untouched since 2008. That’s not all however, as he used a newly discovered strategy which involves pushing Cassandra to a ladder which she climbs to escape; rather than pushing her up the building traditionally. This leads to a total onslaught of the level, where Mouserscribe, RWhiteGoose, speedruntrainer and Axel Z all post their first untieds until finally, Boss and Karl stabilize with solid new records with the new strategy. The 1:31:00 barrier falls and PD’s total time melts deep into the 1:30s.

May 6 – A further improvement to the MBR strategy is discovered, involving clipping out of the building after Cassandra escapes, returning to the lift in the basement with the Skedar Bomb and shooting it, thus triggering the end of the level. The trick is discovered by Trent H, who however is unable to prove any untied WRs using it. Karl and Boss swap WRs more than a dozen times, until Boss had one of many untied sweeps at 54/54/1:02 (from 1:19/1:21/1:26!) Illu later swept on in and untied Perfect Agent with 1:01. The PD total time crushes the 1:30:00 barrier and is well into the 1:29 range.

– Another series of clips are found in the Datadyne building, lowering the Defection SA time from 0:31 to 0:19 through Greenounet, Henrik, Illu, Ace and finally Karl (May 23.)

May 10Yet another warp is discovered by Icy; this time on Pelagic II. A quicker route to the ending is possible on Agent, leading to 7 seconds cut from the 0:46 WR. The record stands at 0:39 by Clemens and Boss.

Another new innovation is developed involving throwing explosives. It is discovered that if you R-Lean while throwing, the distance thrown can be outrageous. Randy Buikema, dual champion in 2002, who has returned getting multiple new WRs, gets his first untied Wrs since 2002 with Surface 2 Agent 0:47 (May 11) and Surface 2 Secret Agent 0:48 (May 17.) The 47 is tied by Luke Szklarz, but the 0:48 remains untied.

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Posted: June 3rd, 2015
at 11:48pm by Ryan White

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Posted: January 1st, 2015
at 2:35am by Derek

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A Bountiful July

GoldenEye 007 had a bountiful harvest this July with a huge number of World Records achieved among many speedrunners, old and new.

We saw multiple runners, drawn to Goldeneye from watching others stream it on Twitch, achieve their first World Records. Jonathon “dsxchallenger” Hotinski got a nice Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Alec “Troubleclef” MacDonald sniped his way to Archives Agent 0:16 and Dam Agent 0:53, and Justin “DT” St. Pierre; an already well established Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 speedrunner made his mark on Goldeneye with all three of the aforementioned records.

While this may seem like a lot of news, worthy of its own front page update, it was only the beginning.  The upstart and fittingly named Eric Bond potted both Depot Agent 0:25 and Depot Secret Agent 0:40.  The latter being extremely impressive because it ties a perfectace untied… an RI EB time.  Eric moves up to holding 7 World Records; quite something when you consider he only started running Goldeneye in February 2014.

Jimmy Bauer picked up the pair of Streets 1:55s, Jimbo managed 1:55 on Secret Agent.  Luke Szklarz finally notched his Cradle Agent 0:34.  And Rayan “perfectace” Isran continued to do what he does best.  Ace rounded out a Silo sweep with 1:08 on Secret Agent and 1:21 on 00 Agent (after nabbing that 1:00 Agent in June.)  But he wasn’t done yet.  Marc’s Train sweep became Ace’s next target, and he nailed 00 Agent 1:50 and Secret Agent 1:23 too.  Marc goes down to only 3 remaining untied World Records and Ace moves up to 14!  Ace’s dominating championship reign continues to grow strong with every further record achieved.

FOUR players added to the Surface 1 Agent logjam at 1:02; Karl Jobst, Ryan “RWhiteGoose” White, Henrik Norgren and Daniel “Wodahs” Reklaw.  The latter two using control style 2.2, saving those precious 0.3 seconds.  This has ignited the question on whether or not a 1:01 is possible.  Henrik also tidied up with a Frigate Agent 0:23, as did Karl.  And Wodahs added with a Surface 2 Agent 0:48.  But to outdo them all, Goose managed to add this;

Streets Secret Agent 1:54 [ UNTIED WORLD RECORD ]

His first untied World Record since 2009; Streets Secret Agent 1:54.  Watch the live reaction and subsequent 10 minutes of joy with several hundred viewers in Twitch chat.  A run with 6:0 boost ratio is what it took Goose, after 99 hours of grinding all month long to finally achieve this remarkable untied WR.  His Twitch chat swelled well over 1000 viewers in the post celebration of the untied WR, a testament to the growth of the Goldeneye speedrun community, and excitement of dropping the game’s total time.  That stands at 1:12:16 now, and most top players agree 1:11:59 will happen some day.

July 2014 will go down in history as one of the greatest months in Goldeneye speedrun history here on, and asking for another month like that is a lot.  But more and more great players continue to pick up the game themselves and there is no telling when 1:11:59 total time can happen.  With pacing like this, it could be a lot sooner than was ever dreamed.

Posted: July 30th, 2014
at 10:00pm by Ryan White

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Bunker 2 Agent 0:23 – two more…

It’s been over a year since Marc squeezed out the tenths (hundredths?) required to hit 0:23 on Bunker 2 agent. For many it was a surprise, as 0:24 was hardly seen as a “common” agent record.

5 days ago GE’s #1, Rayan “Ace” Isran matched the time, the first to do so (15 months having passed). Great personal comment on his time — “me and marc rutzou” (enough said).

Then, yesterday, Elite veteran Karl Jobst surprised himself by matching the feat live on stream — check out the video below for another great reaction video:

PS: Nods to Lockwood for a slick Jungle A 0:51, a time shared with only 5 others beyond Ace’s 0:50 (hint: another reaction video, albeit… reserved)

Posted: July 8th, 2014
at 3:56am by Derek

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The Elite Hivemind Destroys Control, Karl & Eise Move Up

If you’ve waltzed onto the GoldenEye boards or taken a brief look at the rankings since February 23, you’ll notice a trend amongst the top players. 6 of the 7 most recent world records have been Control Agent after new, more consistent strategies have been found to make Natalya’s 17 second escape far more consistent. It all started when Ilari Pekkala tied 3:58, which was previously considered to be a god-tier time in April 2009 (David Clemens). 5 days later, 8th place player Jimmy Bauer came out of left field and posted 3:58 as well, prompting others to play it and try for that elusive 3:57 untied. Ryan White promptly tied 3:58 during a live wodahs-reklaw Mumble broadcast. This flurry of record-ties prompted formerly-retired and current champion Rayan Isran to get 3:57 within an hour’s playtime, and now 3 people have tied 3:57 in the past few days. The race to 3:56 is on.

What has happened, you ask? The beginning lift can be warped, thus saving around a half a second; you can now destroy the drone room mainframe and glass mainframe without ever leaving Natalya’s area (exploiting the mine-through-walls glitch); you can shoot Natalya in a way that lures her closer to the stairs after Objective B completes; endings of 17 seconds or better can now be done on an infinitely more consistent basis, thus yielding more legitimate runs and chances at 3:59 or lower.

The Elite is fortunate to be a well-glued community. Instead of many players playing many different levels, many of the top players tend to stick to one level, obliterate their old times and move on, leaving knowledge learned to the players that come after them. It wasn’t long ago that 3:59 was considered an amazing time, but now it is sitting at a fragile 90 points and unacceptable for most top tier players.

In a quote stolen from rwhitegoose at AGDQ 2014, the Elite hivemind sticks together and we all suffer from a case of monkey-see-monkey-do. The first monkeys, however, are the pioneers and cornerstones of the Elite community and must be recognized for their efforts and time invested to make the strategies usable for all of us.

In “other” news, which by no means is meant to be a degrading comment to the rest of the community, we’ve seen Jimmy Bauer return to action by posting that extremely elusive Statue Agent 2:18, thus completing the 2:18 sweep which began in March 2008 on 00 Agent by Bryan Bosshardt. Karl Jobst is furiously climbing the ranks, posting an insane amount of world records and now sits a measily 11 points out of 10th (Shawn Johnson) as of this writing, and 100 points behind me in 9th. The other big mover this year has been Eise Smit, who now sits in 10th place in overall time, just 5 seconds away from the elusive 1:15:59 overall time. The unknown ninja Luke Pettit also made his presence felt by scoring Frigate Secret Agent 1:00, a record formerly choked away in 2012 by David Clemens and gotten by Luke only after an extreme amount of hours, and 3 completed 1:01s. Lastly, Canadian superstar Michael “Mouser” Kirkness, famous for being the man to tie Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 and Runway Agent 0:22, has made a big comeback after returning from hibernation.

Player of the Month, February 2014

This month’s award goes to Jimmy Bauer! For completing the Statue WR sweep including an untied 2:18 on Agent, plus a very impressive Control Agent 3:58 (which he’s since improved to 3:57!)

Posted: March 8th, 2014
at 12:26pm by Jimbo

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Adam Bozon Scores a Perfect 100!

February 11, 2014 will forever be a historic date within the-elite, for it is on that date when GoldenEye 007 speedrunner and workhorse extraordinaire completed Depot Dark License to Kill (DLTK) becoming the first man to beat Goldeneye’s 20 levels on all difficulties; Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent, License to Kill and Dark License to Kill. DLTK is a 007 mode in the game with all enemy settings maxed.  This mode is absurdly difficult and is a premiere challenge in any video game; effectively requiring at least 10 headshots to kill any guard, whereas any shot fired at Bond will almost certainly kill him.  Beating any level on DLTK can take dozens, if not hundreds of hours of attempts, strategizing and planning.  Not to mention the standard License to Kill (LTK) mode is not much easier.  Bozon’s full completion of every level on every category is a truly incredible gaming achievement.

Bozon’s journey began in 2006 when he joined the-elite, to speedrun Goldeneye’s normal modes.  Later that year, he beat his first DLTK level, Statue.  At the time, three levels, Streets, Train and Silo had not been completed by anyone; many believing they were impossible.  By mid 2008, Bozon had completed 13 of 20 levels on DLTK.  A huge milestone came in April 2013 when, after 330 hours of play, Bozon became the first person (and still the only) to ever beat Silo DLTK.  Bozon rounded out his completed 20 by beating Streets, Jungle and Depot this year.  His feat is a great testament to the passion typical of many great Goldeneye and Perfect Dark players at the elite, playing the game for over 8 years with dedication, desire and heart.

Bozon has made a playlist of his DLTK completions available here; a necessary watch if you are into extremely difficult video game challenges!

Bozon currently holds 11 of the 20 DLTK World Records, 6 LTK World Records, and 2 normal mode World Records.

Posted: February 12th, 2014
at 7:01pm by Ryan White

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The Elite Clutches Awesome AGDQ Runs!

It was early Sunday morning, around 3:30am local time, when eliters finally took the stage at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Alex Anderson and Ryan White speedran GoldenEye 007 using 2.X control styles in World Record time of 24:01. Bryan Bosshardt followed this up with a stellar Perfect Dark Perfect Agent 58:34, cutting the 1 hour time; something only the Bossman himself, as well as dual champion Rayan Isran have been able to do. Not to be outdone, Ryan Lockwood clutched a legendary GoldenEye 007 multiplayer victory in a 19-19 ending vs the other three gamers. Derek Clark and Trent Hovis provided insightful couch commentary while the two games raised well over $15 000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in donation incentives.

All in all, the unanimous feeling among eliters was that this was the biggest moment in elite history. Incredible gameplay and commentary broadcast to an audience around 50 000 viewers gave huge exposure and cemented the elite’s reputation as a premiere speedrun community among the gaming world. Congratulations to all eliters who had a helping hand in making this happen!

Alex & Goose GE 007 Agent 2.X Speedrun 24:01 (WR)

Boss PD Perfect Agent 58:34

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Deathmatch

Posted: January 13th, 2014
at 3:25pm by Ryan White

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Lockwood Scores Streets Agent 1:12

While many people spent their holiday time with family, Ryan Lockwood was working hard to score big Goldeneye records on Twitch.  His Christmas Day accomplishment has excited the Goldeneye community.

The 22-year-old from Key West, FL spent much of his time at the 2013 Virginia Meet trying for Silo Agent 1:01.  He finally became the 5th player to earn this time on December 22nd.  Just three days after nailing that record, he managed to hit an even bigger record.  Lockwood must have been on Santa’s really, really nice list, as he hit Streets Agent 1:12.  He is the first player to tie the world record set by Marc Rützou in 2012.  Prior to this Christmas Day shocker, Rützou held seven untied world records, including a sweep on Train. By tying him, Lockwood showed everybody he can live up to his potential.

It wasn’t exactly one of the usual suspects of Rayan Isran, David Clemens or Bryan Bosshardt who first managed to tie the #3 ranked Rutzou.  Lockwood is currently ranked 48th in the world at Goldeneye.  This record shows once again that even the best world records can be achieved by players anywhere on the ranks.  Cliff Hampton isn’t even in the top 50, yet he has the honor of holding an untied with Runway 00 Agent 0:35.

In hitting 1:12, Ryan skipped over the former World Record mark of 1:13 from his previous PR of 1:14. His time has since been met with critical acclaim from numerous Eliters.  Sixth ranked Goldeneye veteran Ryan White (RWhiteGoose) commented, “Lockwood has cemented his place as a true legend.”  Many of Ryan’s fellow players were in awe after witnessing his remarkable achievement.

Watch Lockwood’s Streets Agent 1:12 here and Silo Agent 1:01 here.

In other GE news, Jim Barrett scored 5 PRs to enter the top 10 for the first time since 2007.


Contributed by Corey Stolzenbach

Posted: December 27th, 2013
at 5:10pm by Thingy

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GoldenEye In Your Subwoofer

(This is Derek) – Most of the regulars know I spend a lot of time working on a music blog and scouring the web for interesting music. Rarely does this hobby overlap with my older passion (GoldenEye 007 / this website / arguing over the internet), but when it does the results are interesting. Couldn’t resist.

From a rando Cleveland producer, I present to you an “instrumental” beat that’s positively stuffed with GoldenEye samples. Primarily, a mixture of shrieks and howls from people taking bullets; appropriate enough for the style (crunk/trap/hip-hop). So… who’s gonna lay down vocals on it?

Link: Bandcamp

Posted: June 24th, 2013
at 5:38pm by Derek

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Cosmetic update to the rankings

I’ve made a few improvements to the rankings, most noticeably to the header of the page.

If you’re logged in, you can hover your name in the top right to reveal a menu. You can now set your timezone and your preferred date format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy).

If you notice anything broken or something displaying incorrectly please let me know.

Posted: January 17th, 2012
at 5:25am by Your Eliteness

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