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2015: A GoldenEye Odyssey – A Documentary

Step inside the world of GoldenEye pro Daniel “Wodahs-Reklaw” Coelho, as masterfully documented by fellow Eliter, dsx. Go behind the scenes of Daniel’s journey to (and reflection after) AGDQ, and relive the world record run that would firmly announce his arrival as one of the world’s best GoldenEye players.



The odyssey began when the siren song of AGDQ beckoned “degenerate”, speedrunning gamers from faraway lands. Soon lights and cameras anointed Wodahs with the prestige he was due, paid for with calluses, lost Saturdays, and hourly investments measured in hundreds.  The moment may have been bittersweet, but true Odyssean tales are not defined by hardship, but by endurance and redemption. The journey continued with the pursuit of 0:43 on Facility agent, a time achieved only 3 times in the course of 1 or 2 billion human attempts.  Times like Facility 43 don’t just happen.  Wodahs knew this and set sail anyway, sent adrift in an ocean of repetition and failure.  Nearly 100 hours went by with no shores in sight.  There were bad Trevs and there were badder Trevs. God runs were desecrated by conveniently timed backboosts and shapeshifting RNG.  Eventually, and inevitably, however, willpower prevailed and teh run happened — Facility was dead.  Wodahs’ reputation vaulted a few more echelons, scraping the clouds, but — as you are about to learn — this may only be the first chapter in a much longer story.


The word “documentary” is appropriate here.  The video is over an hour long, exploring a variety of settings as Wodahs fields questions from dsx.  The video comes to life as anecdotal video is woven in to complement the dialogue.  Here’s how dsx described the production:

Filmed on location in the San Francisco Bay Area during the official Elite California Meet 2015

GoldenEye 007 speedrunner Wodahs-Reklaw achieves Facility Agent 0:43, a high-skill individual level world record. In celebration, he decides to create “the most insane tour video possible”, recruiting unqualified filmmaker DsxChallenger in an effort to make the best GoldenEye speedrunning video of all time. This documentary provides an insight into Wodahs’ habitat, as well as the struggle it takes to achieve world records in GoldenEye. He also answers some of the big questions.


Watch (at least) the first 6 minutes right now; feedback is encouraged over on the forum thread.



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Posted: February 10th, 2015
at 3:01am by Derek

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The Elite Podcast – Season 1 Episode 3 Now Available!

If you have an hour of free time and want to be caught up on everything that’s happened in the Elite in the last 3 months, as well as some extensive analysis of the very first GoldenEye Fantasy League, check out Episode 3 of the Elite Podcast!

Posted: December 6th, 2014
at 5:03pm by Jimbo

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The Elite Podcast – Episode 2 Now Available!

If you’re looking to kill an hour and catch up on everything going on with the Elite as of June 20, check out the Elite Podcast episode 2!

Posted: September 7th, 2014
at 12:12pm by Jimbo

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He SKIPPED 0:55!

Long-time veteran Illu once was the inarguable lord of the Jungle, setting salacious untied records on each difficulty some time in the year…. (Jimbo, spot me!) [Jimbo Edit: It was November 2007!]

Beast-modded with Monster energy drinks, Illu SKIPPED 55 to establish an RI-IP shared record of 0:54 on Jungle 00 Agent. Details of the run are unknown to this point, but we can only assume perfect lines and some doubles helped propel Illu to this legendary time. In the meantime you’re invited to enjoy this bizarre teaser video (from, of course, the long-standing “Snowdome Productions” studio):

Posted: August 24th, 2014
at 8:08pm by Derek

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Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye 007

Pierce Brosnan was on the Tonight Show last night, and, before they concluded, host Jimmy Fallon busted out GoldenEye 007 and challenged Pierce to a live match.

What followed was something surreal… seeing a (non-pixelated) Brosnan bumbling around Complex as Fallon — clearly more prepared — underplays his general familiarity with the game before killing Brosnan.

IRL Bond’s weapon of choice? Unarmed.

Posted: August 20th, 2014
at 2:13pm by Derek

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Australia Represent! One Month of Caverns Secret Agent Optimization!

Back about one month ago, the Elite (and in particular Luke Szklarz) tossed around an idea that it would be entirely possible to heave a timed mine through the big door on Caverns SA and into the radio room to complete objective C – much like the mine throws now used on Control. Proof-of-concept was finally delivered and the race to 1:18 and beyond was on which gave us quite a few nights of entertainment.

The throw itself is a precise throw, comparable to Surface 2 Agent, which requires Bond to chuck a timed mine in full left strafe at a particular angle and in a specific part of the tunnel. Bond must chuck a timed mine in a space the size of a mailbox; all of this while dealing with several extremely accurate guards and the likely scenario of the scientists failing anyway. The level has become much easier to survive, but still leaves a completion rate somewhere in the low single digit %.

On March 30, Canadian superstar MichaelMouserKirkness posted his first career untied record with 1:18. With that monkey off his back, previous champ and American sage Bryan Bosshardt tied that record within a few hours. The race for multiple untieds was on! Australian powerhouse Luke Szklarz would also post his first career untied record with a skip directly to 1:16 on April 4, a time Swedish player Ilari Pekkala would tie just a few hours later as well. The next day, Bryan Bosshardt would get the “run of his life” in what ended up as a 1:14 completion and a 4 second skip into what was his first untied record since June 2012. Not to be outdone, Luke Szklarz posted 1:14 to break Bryan’s heart and solidify his time for the near future. It must be noted that neither the champion Rayan Isran or 3rd place player Marc Rutzou have beaten their former best times and former world records of 1:19. In total, as of this post, only 7 players have completed a run using this strategy.

In other game news, Australian champ Luke Szklarz continues to sizzle up the ranks as former Australian champ and direct competitor Karl Jobst skyrockets up the rankings. Luke would post Surface 2 Agent 0:48, a couple of previously mentioned Caverns Secret Agent world records, and finally would tie a DCMR time of Caverns Agent 1:01 – something even Ace doesn’t have quite yet! Karl has posted an incredible string of personal records, finally getting close to cleaning up his notoriously one-sided times page. With too many good individual times to list, his recent run is highlighted by Runway 00 Agent 0:35 – a time that ties a 4.5 year untied record that dates back to November 2009! Luke vs Karl is shaping up to be a wonderfully entertaining rivalry.

Posted: April 14th, 2014
at 8:28pm by Jimbo

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January 2014 – GoldenEye Activity and POM

It’s been quite a month for GoldenEye! 43 different players managed at least one PR, and we saw a lot of activity from many of GE’s top players.

GE Activity

Eise Smit led the charge, picking up 25 PRs in 14 different levels. This puts him at 12th place with 5207 points heading into February, less than 100 points from #10-ranked Shawn Johnson! He spent a lot of time on Control, ending up with 4:00 Agent, 4:13 SA, and 4:18 00A, which were enough to get him on the level’s leaderboard with 270 points. He became one of the few eliters to successfully pull off the most risky version of the Aztec glass strategy (more on that later).

Karl Jobst, one of the all-time greats, had five amazing times this month. 0:52 Agent, 0:56 SA, 0:57 00A got him on the Jungle leaderboard, and he got world records on Cradle Secret Agent (0:35) and 00 Agent (0:36) to get 300 points there…better yet, he got those WRs in one day! He used a new strategy as well, throwing the grenade into the hut that Trevelyan first runs into.

Luke Szklarz took that new strategy and used it to get 0:37 on Cradle 00A, but stuck with the old strat for SA 0:36. Both excellent times, although Luke wasn’t done there…he focused on Train this month, coming away with a superb trio: 1:01 Agent, 1:26 SA, and 1:53 00A. These times tie him with David Clemens for 3rd on the Train leaderboard, behind Rayan Isran and Marc Rützou. Luke pulled off a very impressive rise in the ranks in 2013, and continues to impress in the new year; we’ll see whether he can push past Bryan Bosshardt to make the top 4.

Jim Barrett spent last year clawing his way back into the top 10, and rumor has it he has his sights set on passing Ilari Pekkala for the #7 spot. Anybody who knows Jim knows his tendency to complain about his unsurpassed streak of bad luck, but Baron Samedi finally threw him a bone, dying fast enough for Jim to get Egypt Agent 0:46. He had a Train trio of his own, clocking in at 1:07 Agent, 1:32 SA, and 1:57 00A. He also pulled off the crazy Aztec strategy, and since I promised I’d talk about that…

Axel Zakrisson only PRed once this month, but it’s one of his best times: Aztec Agent 1:28. Getting under 1:30 requires very fast guard manipulation to open the glass door where you’d normally need Jaws’ keycard.

Eise Smit, Jim Barrett and Ilari Pekkala all used this strategy to get 1:29 this month, a crazy rush of times using a technique that had only been successfully utilized by four people before.

Ryan “Goose” White continues to dazzle many hundreds of viewers a night, after he and Alex Anderson thrilled the crowd at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Besides his own trio of Train times at AGDQ (1:06/1:32/2:00), Goose finally achieved a world record he’d been trying years for: Streets Agent 1:12! Ryan Lockwood recently got this time, receiving unprecedented amounts of hype for his reactions (and for skipping 1:13), but Goose’s accomplishment shouldn’t go unnoticed; Marc Rützou is the only other player with 1:12, a time which requires a combination of luck, very precise execution, and CLUTCHNESS.

Daniel “Wodahs” Coelho is back from hiatus, and moving up the ranks once again; currently sitting at 37th, Wodahs spent a week improving quite a few different times, but then focused on a few key levels. He came away with three world records: Archives Agent 0:16, Dam Agent 0:53, and Runway Agent 0:22. It’s hard to predict how high Wodahs will manage to climb, but I don’t see him slowing down any time soon.

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Posted: February 1st, 2014
at 6:21pm by Thiradell

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WATCH: Streets 1:12 Reaction Video (Madness)


Veteran Trent Hovis answered my challenge/bounty on the boards to create a subtitled version of the video. All the run’s glory is plain to see now:


lockwoodHey folks – Derek here. I’m here to share with you my new favorite video – Ryan Lockwood’s narrated replay of his record-tying 1:12 Streets Agent run from a few days ago. For those who missed the news or even those who already got the word (see: Corey Stolzenbach’s post), let me provide more context for what makes this time–and the video below–so interesting.

The Man

Hundreds know Ryan Lookwood from his Twitch stream; dozens others have met him at our annual meetup. There are a lot of, um… idiosyncratic dudes that take to speedrunning, and Ryan Lockwood is no exception. He’s an intense dude, in short.

The Video

Here’s Ryan narrating his run over stream to a 50+ audience, shortly after achieving it. It was the first time he or anyone else watched the run.

The Achievement

Ryan is the second person to achieve the time of 1:12 on this level. Normally record ties aren’t big news, but Ryan hit this time before getting 1:13. This is absurdly unlikely. 1:12 is one of the most frame-for-frame maxed times in GoldenEye, first accomplished by Marc Rützou in 2012, a player whose made a name for grinding hard to break/set records that are daunting to match. With 20+ people sharing the old record of 1:13 in early 2012, the prospect of 1:12 was a popular debate in the forums. A $100 bounty was posted for anyone who could get this time–legitimately–and after weeks of attempts, Marc won the “race”. Only a few have shown serious intentions (or even interest) in matching the feat since. Technically, Ryan isn’t among them, as 1:13 was his goal. But you’ll see in the video that he had a good sense of what was on the line toward the end of his run.

The Odds

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Posted: December 31st, 2013
at 9:54pm by Derek

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Monumental Perfect Dark Strat Find, records getting blown away!

Did you catch what happened there? If you don’t have time to watch the video, it is now possible to glitch through the lasers! This video, provided by Dark Otto with a PR 10 seconds off of the world record, shows us what is now possible through the findings of Bryan Bosshardt, Your Eliteness, David Clemens, and Ilari Pekkala.

For more information, visit this topic for a more elaborate explanation. Note: The previous record just a few short days ago was 1:27!

Posted: May 8th, 2012
at 10:51pm by Jimbo

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No Excuses Anymore…

With a dearly-devoted wife of nearly 4 years now, and a second baby on the way, Shawn Johnson of the Goldeneye rankings has defied every theory and law of speedrunning. Not only has Shawn blasted his way into the top 10 in points and time, but he’s now moved into a stellar position of 7th place and the 3rd-highest ranking American! The move into 7th puts him atop Goldeneye Multiplayer champion and legendary speedrunner Eddie Lovins!

What’s impressive is that Shawn still has a few garbage times that are “easily improvable” by top 10 standards, and a campaign bid for a top 5 position just might be on his horizon…

Thank you Shawn for your dedication. It’s guys like you who create amazing story lines for us to comment on and share with the rest of the elite. A husband, father of 2, and full time employee is ranked behind only 6 people in the entire world. Think about that.

In other news, Virginia 2012 is approaching at lightning speed and if you need to start discussing travel plans or anything else pertaining to our annual Elite-Kart meet, visit the topic here.

One final note is that The Elite has finally created a page of live streaming, created by David “DKK5” Kovaz, and Hugo “Cara” Van der Wolk! This page allows any speedrunner to play while simultaneously allowing us to watch everything they do… LIVE. It can be any level-specific world record attempt, or a full segment (Agent, Secret/Special, 00A/PA) speedrun. The stream will eventually be embedded permanently into the front page, but for now the link can be found here. Information about the page and how to participate for yourself can be found here.

Posted: March 26th, 2012
at 11:49pm by Jimbo

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