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What Am I Thinking?

Another update of the GE records page? I must be some kind of masochist!

In seriousness, the GEWR page has been vivified(!) with the aid of Come (thank you!) The one advantage of waiting 8 months between updates is that there’s more to talk about. Case and point, a ton of awards have just been handed out, including Player of the Year 2004. You mustn’t waste another nanosecond!! Why are you reading this sentence??? Nanoseconds are really fast, you’re losing a bunch of ‘em!!! Rush on over there and read up; as usual, I did my best to epically recount all the “recent” happenings in the world of GoldenEye. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Posted: February 12th, 2005
at 5:39pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 6 comments

  • come

    IPCO = I Please Come Only?

    w3wt. Go us.

  • Derek Clark

    ImPerfect Clark Out….

    and "go us" indeed.

  • dan

    yay for update! Great work as usual (even though it was actually me that came up with/first used the frigate 00 strat ;) )

  • bcks

    Surely my awesome strat made you think of a better one dan?;):P

  • Derek

    Yeah, the origins of that were never clear.

    Keep reminding me to revise that.

  • Adam Moore

    Thanks for the update Derek (and Come) and also for my awards :)


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