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Troll Chronicles: II

Clemens Finally Achieves a 44 in Super Metroid Anybody who doesn't live under a rock which is everybody but Woody knows that Clemens has been going for a 44 in Super Metroid for quite awhile now. Over the weekend, David summoned the inner degen and finally completed a 44:51 which beat popular players like Oats, Sweetnumb and Krauser. The 44 is what separates the men from the boys, a step into the elite club. It is certainly an incredible achievement. With one of his true life dreams fulfilled, it seemed like David was more than prepared to pursue bigger and better things. Perhaps he could have moved to Europe with his girlfriend and chased his artistic dream to become a world-renown painter with his pieces being center stage at the most prestigious art galleries like The Louvre or the National Gallery in Prague. Or maybe he could haved climbed up the ladder in the Aldi business and broadened the horizons of the franchise to areas in Asia earning millions of dollars in the process. These all seemed very realistic for the young David Clemens but instead he decided to stick with speedrunning. Great. He claimed that he would steal the GE any% UWR and maybe even Facility agent 0:43. Then after these GE endeavors, he would learn the new route and get an even better time in Super Metroid. This was a decent idea but classic Clem is classic Clem. Played GE for a few hours and returned straight to Super Metroid not even bothering learning the new route. Fantastic. Good luck with passing Ivan and congratulations with the 44. Pilotwings Rivalries Continue Fluke "Luke" Szklarz gave his thumb a rest for Pilotwings in other words he gave up on Dark Cavern. So with his "thumb rest" he decided to see what other WRs he could cake. Luke went to Touch and Go searching for the bakery and struck gold. He became head baker and did business. The WR was lowered by almost 2 whole seconds to 42.94 from 44.68. However, we all know Grav treats his emeralds on the rankings like they are his women, all his and in check. So Grav stormed into the bakery one night and usurped Luke's position as head baker with a 40.86. Just like the last WR, this beat the previous by around 2 seconds which is just nasty. Nasty business. On the other side of town, cakes were being done in the oven of Boss. 57.96 on Hawk Attack was done which beats the next best time by more than 10 seconds. Boss was not done though as he tore Meca Hawk Again apart with a 1:21.91 which also beats the next best by more than 10 seconds. Just when you thought he was finished doing business, he got a 1:51.70 on Ice Hornet beating the previous WR of 1:54.23. The Era of Pinball With an established thread, PRs continued to pour in. The pinball council was also made and it arranged numerous meetings across the world which received a lot of media attention as expected. The big decision that had everyone on their feet was whether or not Axel Z's 13mil run needed to be taken down as it was unrecorded. Besides meetings, several late night phone calls were made and back and forth e-mails were involved as well. The council finally came to a consensus that for pinball to be taken seriously, we had to establish strict rules. Axel's 13mil was taken down and now Ryan "Woody" Lockwood has the Elite record of 10.9mil. However, Øyvind "Typosaur" Persvik entered the playing field with a run of 10.2mil coming close to the Elite record. This run attracted a lot of negative attention because he clearly stated that he just grinded the launch ramp until 10mil. What a waste of life. It seems to be some sort of European trend as some speculate that Axel Z might have used the same strat for his 13mil run. The next council meeting in Moscow, Russia will definitely hold some discussion regarding this issue. Some are ruminating over the idea of having separate European pinball rankings and rest of the world rankings. We'll just have to wait and see. Philip "MirrorMage" Bezgoubov also completed a run of 9.9mil which puts him on the podium. What a gangster. A new category has also been introduced which is a speedrun to 1mil. The current elite record is held by Rayan "Perfectace" Isran with 1:23 but there has yet to be proof provided. Mario Golf IamButtPixels achieved a 7:00.53 on Mario's Star which is known for unforgiving ball t-rolling. It remains the only individual level that is not sub 7 but still a great run from Pixels. From the man himself: "Only one or two bad mistakes, couple of clutch sets of RNG helped." Victor completed a clutch 1:01:22 in the all courses category setting the new UWR. Congratulations to both Victor and IamButtPixels for their Mario Golf WRs. GE/PD News GE The first WR of the week comes from Sammy "Clashingashes" Rodgers with an Archives 00 agent 0:54 which completes his WR sweep there. His first 300. The run was extremely smooth and a well-executed ending sealed the deal. Top players were reportedly sweating bullets about the likely prospect of Sammy picking up 0:53. However these rumors of the untied in the works were seemingly squashed as Sammy instead played Runway agent and caked 0:22 on a 5:0 run. The dark side doing wonders for the Chicago boy. Congratulations. Moving on to arguably the most exciting WR to happen this week, we've got Runway secret agent 0:22 from Walton "Hotshott" Mattei. Just reading that sentence should have you more pumped than when Swompz got Depot 0:26. This time has only been achieved by three people including Walton. He had 148 0:23 completions, 3 0:22 fails and 2 0:22 runs that were ruined by the plane blowing up. This time also almost beats the entire top 10 excluding Bryan Bosshardt. You know you're gangsta when you've got a time that beats Ace. It should also be noted that the color combination we've got on the Runway SA initials is dope. Right after he got the 0:22, I sat down with him for an interview over Skype. He started off by saying that I was lucky that he had time for a peasant like me. It's whatever. The interview goes as follows. ---------- Please describe your 0:22 journey for me. Well it all started in Birdie’s chat. The conversation turned to Runway SA 22. I popped my GE in, played some Runway SA trying to emulate Boss and Mouser and that same night I got the first 22 fail. It was a total fluke. No chance at completion but I decided that it was a goal, maybe a long shot but still a goal to shoot for someday. Originally I played it for an hour every now and then, not really giving it my full effort. Was getting too frustrated. The only reason I got back into it was for January 23rd, Jimbo’s WR bounty. I played it for 17 hours that day over a couple of sessions, got the second 22 fail then. From there it was just putting all my effort in. Got some advice from various players, including Mouser and Boss. The last couple days I was getting many 23 completions, so I just went all in. As speed runners like to say, I finally got THE run. Took less than 30 hours. Is there anything you enjoy about the Runway 0:22 in particular? Like how it beats Ace, only two other people have it or that you got it on English? It just feels good to have it. It's definitely mostly skill with some RNG but it can be influenced. It's good to get it on my English cart since that’s where most of my times are gonna end up in. Plus there’s no confusion. It says runway, it says secret agent, it says 22. Do you think the level is severely underplayed or do the rankings accurately show how hard the level is? I think Ace called it “boring” and “tier 4” but there are many little RNG things to deal with. It’s definitely not for everyone but I think people will start playing it and hate it all over again once 23 starts losing more points. Are you interested in going for the Runway 300 or is there some other level you'd like to play now? Or are you unsure at the moment? Gonna chill for a bit. I still want to go for top 50. Runway 00 I will wait. The goal is 36 for now, I want to get an idea of how difficult it will be. Now that you've shown you're better than Ace at this level, do you feel like you can overthrow him for the throne in the future? I’m too old for this shit Kappa. But any time you can humble the gods, it feels good. Now I know you're a true baller outside of the game but do you feel like this accomplishment has helped you in real life? Examples could include women, confidence, women, spiritual development and women. At some point you just want to prove to yourself that you can still do it, even when you fail so many times. But this has zero impact on real life. It is truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Are you sure? I recall Woody telling me about how his Streets 1:12 slightly improved his sex life. I'm also aware of people becoming depressed as a result of lots of GE play. Maybe for them impressionable girls, if you whip out a line like “I’m a world record holder” that’s ez money. Do you have any inspiring words for your fans out there or any new players that aspire to be as cool as you? For the next 24 hours… in the words of Aloe Blacc “You can tell everybody I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man". -------------- Immediately after the interview he told me to get lost and promptly blocked me from Skype. I respect this, he's a busy man and he's got shit to do. You should also check out his extended version of 0:22 vid, it's really good. Congratulations! Marc "Inkosidevinyl" Rützou called upon the ultimate truth to get Surface 2 agent 0:48, a time no one would have expected Marc to get. Even Marc's poor eye for a run led him to believe that the run was a low 0:49 and not the WR. This is an insane point gain for the Dane especially at his ranking (24 pts whaaaat). This jump stepped all over Luke's hopes and dreams of returning to the podium but we'll see what Luke can do this year in GE. It seems like Marc is currently making a push for top 2 by playing top tier, Ace-approved levels like Surface 2 secret agent. However with turns wider than the skill level between Jimbo and Ace, it's unlikely he'll beat 0:55 even with the nade throw there. Congrats on the WR. Austin "Austinthegamer" Perroux finally clutched a 0:53 on Dam agent. If you took all of the times Jimbo has ever complained about not getting a good trev on Facility, put it all into one audio file and checked the length, it would probably be the same length of time Austin put into 0:53. The run was very nicely done with a 1:0 but the reaction will probably catch most of the attention as he was very pumped and it showed how hype getting a WR can be in GE. Congratulations bud. Alex "Carlvalho" Carvalho achieved Archives agent 0:16. A 0:0 run so that's legit. A sketchy first room but solid strafing for the rest of the level kept the 0:16 within grasp. Alex was not done though as he continued his WR streak with a Bunker 1 agent 0:17with a 6:0 run. A standard run with good RNG and good movement. Alex only has 2 more tier 4 agent WRs to go which should not be hard for the rapidly-improving newcomer. Those were all the WRs but there have been some big PRs. Erik "Eric" Bond gave up on Depot secret agent and instead put the new strat to the test on 00 agent. He managed to cake a 0:48... with the new strat. Old legends say that no person could ever go so slow to get a 0:48 with the new strat but Erik debunked these myths. What a champ. Hopefully he flukes a rocket shot and skips to 0:45. Congratulations. Daniel "WodahsWalker" Coelho got a Facility 00 agent 0:54 which isn't too amazing these days but the run was a potential 0:52 pace until he got trolled and then got a bad trev. Hopefully Doak returns from vacation more often and Trev molests the bottles less frequently for the 0:52. Congratulations! Ryan "Goose" White had started playing Frigate 00 agent ever since "G-day" in hopes of going big in the hostage casino. The planets finally aligned and the ball landed on black after a session of Mario Golf where Goose got a 1:09. It's a great time especially while saving all hostages, it's even in the top 5 Frigate 00 agent times. The 1:09 also let Goose pass the mysterious Jimmy Bauer. While Goose clutched the run, the man we must thank is Twitch god, Kryzshenko. Ryan was not planning on playing Frigate that night but Kryzshenko insisted, he knew it was destiny. Kryzshenko is the guardian of the Twitch world. He lurks in the shadows of Twitch chats blessing runs with his divine powers. Some nights you might be having a bad sesh but just know Kryzshenko is omnipresent, he is always by your side guiding you to victory and happiness. So yeah mad shoutouts to our boy Kryzshenko and congratulations to Goose for the 1:09! Other honorable mentions include Jonathan "dsx" Hotinski's Silo agent 1:05, Alec "Troubleclef" McDonald's Silo agent 1:04 and Marc's 0:59 dupe on Train agent (JAP UWR, wtf?!?). PD *tumbleweed strikes again* Not much has happened in the normal difficulties though Ludovic "Greenounet" Begon is closing in on the CI Defense agent WR. As usual, some serious business goes on in the lands of LTK/DLTK. Kyle "Flickerform" Wiebenga strengthened his Maian SOS sweep with 2:54 and 4:21. Eric "Icy" Liikala used some scary strats to sub 5 Ruins DLTK with a 4:59. Also, with his recent PR of2:07 on G5 DLTK, he became the new PD (D)LTK champ dethroning previous king, Bryan Bosshardt. There was also a surprise UWR from Axel Z who got 5:37 (first completion) on Escape DLTK exposing Icy's time of 5:39 as a joke. Congratulations to those mentioned especially Icy for being the new champ. Oh what's this? *tumbleweed returns for round 2* Other News In the States, Szklarz bought himself an NTSC SNES along with Super Metroid so he could annihilate Woody's current SM PR. In Australia, he attempted to start up the SNES with no sort of adapter relying on a miracle for it to work. With all the chips in the pot, there was no going back. The plug was in the socket, it was either going to work and Luke would get his sub 50 or it would be fucked and dreams would wither away before his eyes. Unfortunately there was nothing but echoes of silence and the harsh black persisted to hug the TV even after vehemently hitting the switch. Shortly after, a sinister, sly smoke escaped from the console and carefully creeped into Luke's senses. However, Luke thought nothing of it and went out to purchase a power adapter. The power adapter did not fix anything though. Something was fucked and Woody's PR would live on. However, while one door closes, another opens as Luke bought his new apartment. He is now truly independent and can now invite parades of women to his home. Congratulations! The Elite hosted a NFL hall of fame 2015 prediction contest recently. Participants thought hard and long about who to pick. Some endured sleepless nights and some contacted analysts and experts to make good choices. With the Elite AIM chatroom all over the contest, it was obvious that someone no one has ever heard of would win the prize. The winner was very unexpected though. Erik would rack up the most points and collect the prize for himself. It's a major surprise because he knows nothing about the NFL but still beat all the fan favorites. Sources say that Erik just copy-pasted Invertigone's predictions. Some believe this and are very tilted about the sequence of events, "Meh. At least I did more than copy Alec's picks." We don't know what Erik did for sure but what we do know is that Erik is the Elite's NFL hall of fame 2015 prediction contest champion. Congratulations. Quotes of The Week Wodahsr: that joke died quicker than woody's ambition for the hitman WR ----------- *talking about having a meet on Venus* [5:22:03 AM] To Wave Race 64: but apparently every 2 days it gets 200mph winds kapap [5:22:37 AM] (Channel) dsx: blows the console away before you get to see the timescreen ----------- Any of Inky's posts this week

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The Elite Troll Chronicles

Assorted musings from young Goldeneye star Mirrormage; enjoy. The Day With No WRs: 23rd January It's a well-known fact that the 23rd of January is the only day in Elite history that does not have a single WR in GE. This year however, we weren't ready to just let it slide like a little fucker. Jim "Jimbo" Barrett surprisingly put up some of his own money, $25 even, for the person with the best WR on the day. $25 coming out of Jim's wallet is probably enough to give him a heart attack so of course everyone picked up their controllers and went at it. There were a record number of twitch streams going on on the day; people were seriously hungry for dat $$$. Unfortunately, no one was able to get a WR. So many runners wasted 10 hours of their lives running some game from the 90s. We probably would have had a WR if the Singaporean streaming servers did not shit the bed on the night of the 23rd. If I was able to put in about 3+ hours, a WR would have definitely happened... but it didn't. Putting all the hours squandered by runners trying to achieve a WR together adds up to almost 110 hours. Ilari "Illu" Pekkala wins the award for being the biggest degen with almost 18 hours of Dam agent for 0:52. He could have recieved a massive pot of over $300 for the 0:52 but the 18 hours was completely fruitless. Congratulations on wasting 18 hours of your life, Illu. Woody Cuts The Boss in Super Metroid After attending virgin fortress 2015, Ryan "Cockwood" Lockwood underwent weeks worth of intense seshes of Super Metroid incorporating new strats in hopes for amazing improvements. These desired improvements quickly followed and a great PR was imminent. The run started with a sub 17 power-bombs, his first. Woody continued to clutch his movement, dashing and hopping stylishly past monsters and across rooms. This play was just barely enough for a sub 22 grav suit, almost choking it by running over the item like a complete scrub. Some unfortunate mistakes hurt the run afterwards but Woody ended up with a 50:22. Celebrations went wild; the once insipid chat erupted into a boisterous frenzy congratulating Ryan. Woody was visibly fucking pumped about his time but he seemed particularly excited about recieving nudes from Oats after the run. The 50:22 beat Bryan Bosshardt's time of 50:45. With this, he was bestowed one of the most prestigious titles in all of speedrunning, "2nd best Super Metroid runner in the Elite". Congrats bud. He is currently grinding out late-game because his late-game is shit. Hopefully we get to see the sub 50 soon. Fierce Rivalries in Pilotwings 64 Fluke "Homeonice" Szklarz was inspired to run Pilotwings 64 upon return to the barren wastelands of Australia. However, he was only interested in running the level "Dark Cavern" probably because his current habitat is awfully similar to a dark cavern. He described it as a potentially year-long project with constant grinding but in just 4 days he annihilated the WR of 36.92 with 36.71 improving his PR of 37.84 by more than a second. Grav was definitely tilted so as expected, he grinded the shit out of that level (probably skipped school) in hopes to get the WR back. And he did. 36.24 bb. Grav showed who is boss. Completely rekt the previous rekky by almost half a second. Will Luke bounce back? We can only wait and see. Szklarz was not the only newcomer Grav had to deal with, Bryan Bosshardt showed his gaming prowess by collecting two WRs for himself (1:49.44 on River Run and 2:08.95 on Sky Maneuvers). However, Grav quickly responded with 1:48.80 and 2:08.48. Boss would not be defeated so easily though and got 1:48.42 on River Run. A day later, Grav bested the Boss WR with a 1:48.06 and claimed he is going for the 1:47. That's some pretty intense shit guys. The Elite Searching For A New Proof Moderator After the council decision was made to remove Dan Berube's Dam agent 0:53 and Adam Matis' Archives agent 0:16 off the rankings, Thiradell, a well-known member of the elite staff, ragequit from his duties. He will be doing one more proof call before passing the baton. The Elite launched a search for a new proof moderator this week attracting a few people. Current applicants include Austin "Austinthegamer" Perroux, Alec "Troubleclef" McDonald and Jonathan "dsx" Hotinski. Good luck to all the tryhard applicants. It should also be noted that Dugg created a funny .gif in that thread which inadvertently supported dsx's campaign to elite relevance. Link: The Pinball Era One night I streamed a little bit of pinball for my boys just to chill and hang out. However, people got pretty hyped and some were already flexing about how high their pinball records were back in 2003. We soon made a thread on the boards for everything pinball-related and eliters started posting PRs. It was the dawn of a new era, the pinball era. Woody provided the first real record with 10.9mil. This was on a late night and he basically caked it. It was a good record but he had work an hour later and he did not get any sleep as usual. He was probably not even able to collect digits from hot Texans that came in to the liquour store because of how insanely tired he was. This whole endeavor was completely crushed by Axel "AZ" Zakrisson who got 13.7mil within a few tries the day after. So one could say Woody wasted his whole night and there was no need for him to go to work sleepless. lol. Mario Golf Pilotwings was not the only new game to get it's own child board on the site, Mario Golf made its way in as well. The small community kicked off quick providing many threads with valuable information on the game. Soon after, Goose got a new record on Toad Highlands with 6:22.06. A few putting mistakes but a very solid run overall. A day later however, MetalYoshi posted a 6:19.86 on a great run. Some sick rivalry there. Goose went on to another level and got 6:52.53 on Yoshi Island. The run had it's insane shots and some mistakes but it's a level known to have several tricky courses. The run looked over at hole 18 but a clutch last shot saved it for the WR. "A lesson in clutchness." Wave Race 64 This was another game that given a child board but not much has happened since then. Shibbypod, the Wave Race grandmaster got a 1'06"311 on Sunny Beach reverse which I'm guessing is pretty good. Hopefully we see this game blossom within the Elite like a dope flower. GE/PD News Goldeneye: The first WR of the week came from Logan "Squrpion" Jordan with Dam agent 0:53. A very well-executed run with a 1:0 ratio and it was his first WR. Upon seeing the new time on his screen, he took off his headphones and even his hat. For a second we all thought he was going to strip down naked in this state of euphoria but unfortunately did not do so. Congratulations. Dan "Swiss" Parker used 2.x like a naughty boy to get Runway agent 0:22 on a tight 5:0 run. The run was obviously a 0:22 but Swiss skipped right over the beautiful timescreen like a complete derelict. His 5th WR so he is well on his way to the top 50 (only 4 spots away!). Soon after, he even completed a Bunker 1 agent 0:17. He is only 1 more WR away from getting all tier 4 agent WRs (missing only S2 agent 0:48). A 6:0 run with some good RNG allowed to him to safely secure the WR. Twitch giant, CosmoWright picked up his N64 controllers again after wasting ridiculous amounts of his time degen'ing Smash 4. He decided to go after Depot Agent 0:25 which is considered tier 3 on the tier-list. Equipped with great knowledge of the dark side, 0:25 was likely to be a cake-walk for him. And it was, took that shit to the bakery. Rumors say that elite gangsta, Philip "MirrorMage" Bezgoubov, was tilted by this as he was going for 0:25 recently but failed to get it. However, these rumors are completely untrue as reliable sources confirm. The CW weren't the only new initials to be put on the board as Chicago boy Sammy Rodgers achieved Archives Secret Agent 0:54. Sammy displayed real potential on Archives early flexing his abilities with smooth library movement and slick door entries. This run showed that exactly, an amazing 0:54 with the box boost (a strat that was definitely not invented by Goose). However, since Luke recently visited him at the "No-Chicago Chicago Meet", there is a good chance Luke got the 0:54 for him. Though the movement does look slightly too good to be Luke. He is likely to move on to 00 for the 300 and then maybe the 0:53??? Time will tell. Staying on Archives, Nick "Split" Franks achieved his 2nd WR with 0:16 on agent. The run looked smooth and the boost by the glass confirmed the 0:16. It should also be pointed out that he used some c-up strat for the first room. Somewhat of swag strat. Congratulations. Taylor "Qweczol" Von Paris acquired Dam agent 0:53, the time he spent several hours going for like a degen on the 23rd. Qwec put in another 9 hours since the 23rd until he finally got the time. The powers of the dark side were used here but still a nice WR to have. 1:0. The run had a funny reaction so I suggest you go see that along with the run. Congratulations. That was not the only 0:53, Alex Carvalho grabbed the same time within an hour of the other 0:53. He clutched the lockshot on a 1:0 run so with a 2nd controller, it was pretty much WR confirmed. If you watch his proof video, you'll notice the Amarec watermark is there. Not sure why he tried to copy my swag. Everyone knows I style with that AMV logo but it's whatever. Congrats! Last but certainly not least, in fact, this is probably the best WR of the week, Daniel "WodahsWalker" Coelho finally nailed a sick run on Facility secret agent with 0:52! He is only the 4th person to get the time. In other words, he is the 4th person to have both Doak and Trev cooperate with you in one run. With 0:43 and 0:52 in the bag, he's become a favorite to be the first to tie the 0:52 on 00 agent. He still has a 0:55 there so it's easily improvable with his Facility skills. Godspeed on the rest of his Facility journey. Those are all the WRs this week but there is definitely an insane PR. Henrik "Train Strat Master" Norgren finally completed a 1:00 on Train agent after getting more 101s than Jim saying he can get B1 SA 0:21. This time is only beaten by two players so this is really legit. Henrik himself said that the run "sucked" but the locks were "great". He has already duped 1:00. He has shown interest in 0:59 so expect the Clem (who's that again?) bop in the near future. Other honorable mentions include Alex Carvalho's 0:45 on Facility agent, Trouble's Silo agent 1:05 and Quizno's Archives agent 0:17 for his funny reaction. Perfect Dark: *tumbleweed* I forgot this game existed and I do not know anything about it but we're going to attempt to cover it anyways. Ludovic "Greenounet" Begon got 0:53 on Air Force One becoming the 5th person to get the world record. It was a 0:53 (.95) but the run was considered amazing nonetheless. In LTK/DLTK news, Eric "Icy" Liikala completed Villa DLTK in 6:15, an untied world record. He discovered several new strats making the level significantly easier. He believes that the time can be pushed much lower, even down to sub 6 so expect some great time soon. Kyle "Flickerform" Wiebenga also finally beat all levels on LTK for both games, 41/41. A very sick accomplishment. Welp. That's PD. Enthralling. Other News Erik "Stoxenbawns" Bond and I finally began our adventure in Final Fantasy I. We've encountered several troll situations like NPCs running right in our way, our thieves being completely useless and getting fucked by absurd inn prices. We grinded on and reached a point in our quest where we needed to find a crown for some bitchass king. This involved going into the Marsh cave which is a complete fuckfest. Almost every battle has your whole party paralyzed and taking massive numbers of damage. We both struggled but what happened to Erik was rather comical. After a sleepless night of adversity and sugarfrees, he finally collected the crown and exited the cave with his party injured and almost dead. Like the idiot he is, he advances straight to the king who wanted the crown without saving. Little did he know, the king is a boss who can one-shot anyone in your party. He starts the battle and his fighter dies instantly. Erik was astonished and he knew he needed to step his game up to finish this battle or else he would have to do the cave all over again. He went upstairs and got himself a couple of cinnamon pop tarts and a 355ml can of sugarfree redbull, none of that pussy 250ml shit. This was serious. The battle was intense, his eyes were fixed on the screen; nothing could come in between him and the game. Nothing but the sounds of swords clashing could be heard. Sweat rushed off his face and cascaded down his back. The controller was firmly clutched in his hands like prey in the talons of an eagle. After a series of powerful hits, the black mage somehow came up clutch and won the game. What. Erik pranced around his house after his triumph with crumbs all over his chest and redbull dripping off the side of his mouth. Unfortunately, Erik deleted his save files shortly after. Whether it was an accident or not is up for debate but sources agree with the possibility that he was jealous of my progress in the game so in a state of frustration, he deleted everything. Well, that's the week in review. Good stuff guys.

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The Elite Podcast – Season 1 Episode 3 Now Available!

If you have an hour of free time and want to be caught up on everything that's happened in the Elite in the last 3 months, as well as some extensive analysis of the very first GoldenEye Fantasy League, check out Episode 3 of the Elite Podcast!

Posted: December 6th, 2014
at 5:03pm by Jimbo

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The Elite Podcast – Episode 2 Now Available!

If you're looking to kill an hour and catch up on everything going on with the Elite as of June 20, check out the Elite Podcast episode 2!

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He SKIPPED 0:55!

Long-time veteran Illu once was the inarguable lord of the Jungle, setting salacious untied records on each difficulty some time in the year.... (Jimbo, spot me!) [Jimbo Edit: It was November 2007!] Beast-modded with Monster energy drinks, Illu SKIPPED 55 to establish an RI-IP shared record of 0:54 on Jungle 00 Agent. Details of the run are unknown to this point, but we can only assume perfect lines and some doubles helped propel Illu to this legendary time. In the meantime you're invited to enjoy this bizarre teaser video (from, of course, the long-standing "Snowdome Productions" studio):

Posted: August 24th, 2014
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Untied Records, New Top 5 Player! Holy August!

While Perfect Dark is [sadly] closing in on the 365-day mark with no world records posted other than Duel, Goldeneye has held fast in its incredible activity level and we have a few notable achievements to talk about. Current champion Rayan Isran is still continuing to post untied world records, even in a day where the game is so considerably optimized already. Continuing from the previous update, Ace got Aztec Secret Agent 1:34 using the far-riskier Agent strat, thus knocking off a world record Marc Rutzou has had since June 1, 2010. After this, Ace went after another one of Marc's untied records and nabbed himself Train 00 Agent 1:49 after several failed runs and duped completed 1:50s. Watch the commentary videos linked below for further analysis of the runs by the champ himself! In other news, we have a new top 5 player on the point rankings, and that player is Australian juggernaut Karl Jobst! Karl, having been around the site since the stone ages and once claiming the #1 spot in overall time, has slowly clawed back in the last year in direct competition with fellow Australian Luke Szklarz. While Luke is on break, it's Karl's time to shine and possibly go after 4th place Bryan Bosshardt, who still remains inactive in individual levels and continues to practice for a possible AGDQ Agent race. Finally, a note of congratulations goes out to top 10 runner Ilari Pekkala, who nabbed himself a 1:08:xx run at the European Speedster Assembly earlier this month. The 1:08:xx is special because it beat his own goal of sub 1:10:00, beat his personal record, and had no fails or deaths using skill-based strategies and of course was completed in only one try. Only one word can describe this run, C-L-U-T-C-H. Great job Illu!

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Australia Represent! One Month of Caverns Secret Agent Optimization!

Back about one month ago, the Elite (and in particular Luke Szklarz) tossed around an idea that it would be entirely possible to heave a timed mine through the big door on Caverns SA and into the radio room to complete objective C - much like the mine throws now used on Control. Proof-of-concept was finally delivered and the race to 1:18 and beyond was on which gave us quite a few nights of entertainment. The throw itself is a precise throw, comparable to Surface 2 Agent, which requires Bond to chuck a timed mine in full left strafe at a particular angle and in a specific part of the tunnel. Bond must chuck a timed mine in a space the size of a mailbox; all of this while dealing with several extremely accurate guards and the likely scenario of the scientists failing anyway. The level has become much easier to survive, but still leaves a completion rate somewhere in the low single digit %. On March 30, Canadian superstar Michael "Mouser" Kirkness posted his first career untied record with 1:18. With that monkey off his back, previous champ and American sage Bryan Bosshardt tied that record within a few hours. The race for multiple untieds was on! Australian powerhouse Luke Szklarz would also post his first career untied record with a skip directly to 1:16 on April 4, a time Swedish player Ilari Pekkala would tie just a few hours later as well. The next day, Bryan Bosshardt would get the "run of his life" in what ended up as a 1:14 completion and a 4 second skip into what was his first untied record since June 2012. Not to be outdone, Luke Szklarz posted 1:14 to break Bryan's heart and solidify his time for the near future. It must be noted that neither the champion Rayan Isran or 3rd place player Marc Rutzou have beaten their former best times and former world records of 1:19. In total, as of this post, only 7 players have completed a run using this strategy. In other game news, Australian champ Luke Szklarz continues to sizzle up the ranks as former Australian champ and direct competitor Karl Jobst skyrockets up the rankings. Luke would post Surface 2 Agent 0:48, a couple of previously mentioned Caverns Secret Agent world records, and finally would tie a DCMR time of Caverns Agent 1:01 - something even Ace doesn't have quite yet! Karl has posted an incredible string of personal records, finally getting close to cleaning up his notoriously one-sided times page. With too many good individual times to list, his recent run is highlighted by Runway 00 Agent 0:35 - a time that ties a 4.5 year untied record that dates back to November 2009! Luke vs Karl is shaping up to be a wonderfully entertaining rivalry.

Posted: April 14th, 2014
at 8:28pm by Jimbo

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Cradle 00A 0:35 finally happens, Runway SA 0:22 is matched!

March 26, 2014 - a day that can be remembered for GoldenEye relinquishing its last reasonable untied record, and the day when former giant-killer Michael Kirkness ended a streak that started on August 7, 2002. Karl Jobst, former Australian champ, perennial multiplayer powerhouse, former champion of the game in time rankings back in the very early 2000s and strat contributor posted Cradle 00 Agent 0:35. The quest to earn 0:35 on 00 Agent began back in July 2008 when former champion David Clemens posted Secret Agent 0:35, but no players emerged as the candidate to put in the likely grind needed to match that record on 00 Agent. Not only did Karl get his first untied record since January 17, 2006 (Archives Secret Agent 0:55), but he did the entire run with only one ZMG in the hut in style. Part 2 of this milestone day is Canadian player Michael "Mouser" Kirkness finally tying Bryan Bosshardt's last remaining untied record with Runway Secret Agent 0:22. This is the first time in 11.5 years that we will not see a solo pink "BB" on the rankings, a streak that spans over 4000 days and won't be threatened to be matched in many years. Michael Kirkness's previous most notable achievements are being the first player to tie Runway Agent 0:22 in May 2006, and Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 back on 666. (June 6, 2006). Fantastic job to both players, as well as everyone who helped contribute to the Control massacre of the last few weeks. The records currently stand at 3:56 / 4:04 / 4:05.

Posted: March 26th, 2014
at 10:19pm by Jimbo

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January 2014 – GoldenEye Activity and POM

It's been quite a month for GoldenEye! 43 different players managed at least one PR, and we saw a lot of activity from many of GE's top players.

GE Activity

-Eise Smit led the charge, picking up 25 PRs in 14 different levels. This puts him at 12th place with 5207 points heading into February, less than 100 points from #10-ranked Shawn Johnson! He spent a lot of time on Control, ending up with 4:00 Agent, 4:13 SA, and 4:18 00A, which were enough to get him on the level's leaderboard with 270 points. He became one of the few eliters to successfully pull off the most risky version of the Aztec glass strategy (more on that later). -Karl Jobst, one of the all-time greats, had five amazing times this month. 0:52 Agent, 0:56 SA, 0:57 00A got him on the Jungle leaderboard, and he got world records on Cradle Secret Agent (0:35) and 00 Agent (0:36) to get 300 points there...better yet, he got those WRs in one day! He used a new strategy as well, throwing the grenade into the hut that Trevelyan first runs into. -Luke Szklarz took that new strategy and used it to get 0:37 on Cradle 00A, but stuck with the old strat for SA 0:36. Both excellent times, although Luke wasn't done there...he focused on Train this month, coming away with a superb trio: 1:01 Agent, 1:26 SA, and 1:53 00A. These times tie him with David Clemens for 3rd on the Train leaderboard, behind Rayan Isran and Marc Rützou. Luke pulled off a very impressive rise in the ranks in 2013, and continues to impress in the new year; we'll see whether he can push past Bryan Bosshardt to make the top 4. -Jim Barrett spent last year clawing his way back into the top 10, and rumor has it he has his sights set on passing Ilari Pekkala for the #7 spot. Anybody who knows Jim knows his tendency to complain about his unsurpassed streak of bad luck, but Baron Samedi finally threw him a bone, dying fast enough for Jim to get Egypt Agent 0:46. He had a Train trio of his own, clocking in at 1:07 Agent, 1:32 SA, and 1:57 00A. He also pulled off the crazy Aztec strategy, and since I promised I'd talk about that... -Axel Zakrisson only PRed once this month, but it's one of his best times: Aztec Agent 1:28. Getting under 1:30 requires very fast guard manipulation to open the glass door where you'd normally need Jaws' keycard. Eise Smit, Jim Barrett and Ilari Pekkala all used this strategy to get 1:29 this month, a crazy rush of times using a technique that had only been successfully utilized by four people before. -Ryan "Goose" White continues to dazzle many hundreds of viewers a night, after he and Alex Anderson thrilled the crowd at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. Besides his own trio of Train times at AGDQ (1:06/1:32/2:00), Goose finally achieved a world record he'd been trying years for: Streets Agent 1:12! Ryan Lockwood recently got this time, receiving unprecedented amounts of hype for his reactions (and for skipping 1:13), but Goose's accomplishment shouldn't go unnoticed; Marc Rützou is the only other player with 1:12, a time which requires a combination of luck, very precise execution, and CLUTCHNESS. -Daniel "Wodahs" Coelho is back from hiatus, and moving up the ranks once again; currently sitting at 37th, Wodahs spent a week improving quite a few different times, but then focused on a few key levels. He came away with three world records: Archives Agent 0:16, Dam Agent 0:53, and Runway Agent 0:22. It's hard to predict how high Wodahs will manage to climb, but I don't see him slowing down any time soon. With all that in mind, it's time to bring back an award that's been dead for too long:

Player of the Month!

We've seen a lot of activity this month, but there's only one POM award, and in January 2014, it goes to:  

Henrik Norgren!

Most famous for his amazing, game-breaking knowledge of GoldenEye, Henrik is ranked 24th right now, and only had four world records prior to January (getting three of those four in the last week of December). He more than doubled that total last month with five new WRs: Runway Agent 0:22, Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Surface 2 Agent 0:48, Depot Agent 0:25, and Cradle Agent 0:34. On Christmas Day last year, he was tied with many other players on the World Record Leaders page with just one WR; he's now T-9th with Jimmy Bauer, passing many GE greats along the way. POM Runner-Up: Eise Smit That's it for this month. Happy speedrunning!  

GoldenEye World Records in January

2nd: Runway Agent 0:22, Henrik Norgren 4th: Cradle Secret Agent 0:35, Karl Jobst 4th: Cradle 00 Agent 0:36, Karl Jobst 10th: Dam Agent 0:53, Adam Moore 11th: Archives Agent 0:16, Daniel Coelho 11th: Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Henrik Norgren 14th: Cradle Agent 0:34, Henrik Norgren 18th: Surface 2 Agent 0:48, Henrik Norgren 19th: Dam Agent 0:53, Daniel Coelho 26th: Runway Agent 0:22, Daniel Coelho 26th: Cradle Agent 0:34, Gregor Degenhart 27th: Streets Agent 1:12, Ryan White 28th: Depot Agent 0:25, Henrik Norgren  

Posted: February 1st, 2014
at 6:21pm by Thiradell

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Lockwood Scores Streets Agent 1:12

While many people spent their holiday time with family, Ryan Lockwood was working hard to score big Goldeneye records on Twitch.  His Christmas Day accomplishment has excited the Goldeneye community. The 22-year-old from Key West, FL spent much of his time at the 2013 Virginia Meet trying for Silo Agent 1:01.  He finally became the 5th player to earn this time on December 22nd.  Just three days after nailing that record, he managed to hit an even bigger record.  Lockwood must have been on Santa's really, really nice list, as he hit Streets Agent 1:12.  He is the first player to tie the world record set by Marc Rützou in 2012.  Prior to this Christmas Day shocker, Rützou held seven untied world records, including a sweep on Train. By tying him, Lockwood showed everybody he can live up to his potential. It wasn't exactly one of the usual suspects of Rayan Isran, David Clemens or Bryan Bosshardt who first managed to tie the #3 ranked Rutzou.  Lockwood is currently ranked 48th in the world at Goldeneye.  This record shows once again that even the best world records can be achieved by players anywhere on the ranks.  Cliff Hampton isn't even in the top 50, yet he has the honor of holding an untied with Runway 00 Agent 0:35. In hitting 1:12, Ryan skipped over the former World Record mark of 1:13 from his previous PR of 1:14. His time has since been met with critical acclaim from numerous Eliters.  Sixth ranked Goldeneye veteran Ryan White (RWhiteGoose) commented, "Lockwood has cemented his place as a true legend."  Many of Ryan's fellow players were in awe after witnessing his remarkable achievement. Watch Lockwood's Streets Agent 1:12 here and Silo Agent 1:01 here. In other GE news, Jim Barrett scored 5 PRs to enter the top 10 for the first time since 2007.   Contributed by Corey Stolzenbach

Posted: December 27th, 2013
at 5:10pm by Thingy

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