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April Fool's Day - 2001

The prank that started it all. On the morning of the first, SnapDragon surprised us all with a slight moderation to the rankings system. From now on, players would be ranked not by total points, but rather their best point total on any level. Snap explained the change this way:

"The problem before was that people could spend many hours on one level and excel at it, yet have this effort wasted simply because they haven't put the countless days of effort into every level of the game that some of the top players have. So instead of summing up all the points and times for the final rankings, I'm just going to take your best score/time over all the levels and rank by that."

He went on to assure us that "I don't think very many people's ranks have been affected. Given a little time, I'm sure people will agree that this is an improvement." Needless to say, the reaction on the boards was less than positive. At least it was, until Ngamer managed to spot the hidden message at the top of the new rankings!