Game Rage

Patience lost, civility forsaken, controllers destroyed.


Over the last few months I have been piecing together bits of commentary from gamers of all kinds, collecting stories of rage, violence, and even murder? Keep reading. I suspected, from personal experience, that I was not the only person out there who experiences a uniquely intense rage from failure at video games. I've done some maniacal things in response, but I now realize that psychological treatment may not be necessary, for there are others worse than me....

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Part 2

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Karl Jobst, GE:

KarlDark64: Well it is not as bad now as it was a year ago as I don't play as much now
KarlDark64: but I mainly just swore at the game for several hours straight while I was playing
KarlDark64: ...and punch the crap out the couch I was sitting on
KarlDark64: and my sister would be all like shut up, and I would start yelling at her
KarlDark64: and I would usually get kicked off the n64 by my mum
KarlDark64: and then I would get majorly pissed
KarlDark64: and punch my bed for 20 minutes or so
KarlDark64: nowaday I don't swear and stuff cause I don't play much but I get real mad inside
KarlDark64: maybe I've learnt to control my rage after 3 years..

Mark Jones, MK64:

DnTn31: oh ya did i mention that two of the (once four) drawers off my dresser that my TV sits on are now completely gone?
DnTn31: there is just an empty space where 2 drawers once sat
DnTn31: and a pile of video games and controllers
MarioKartUpstart: what happened to them?
DnTn31: well lets just say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
DnTn31: unfortunately they are within arms reach when i am playing
MarioKartUpstart: lol
MarioKartUpstart: what if there were baby puppies in arm's reach?
DnTn31: one would fear to imagine the possibilities

Me (Derek Clark, GE):

"I was never one to punch things, but in my early days of MK64, I lost it.... I was getting late for work and wanted to BREAK 3'54"00 on Wario Stadium before leaving. It seemed like it was certain, but I kept screwing up. Finally everything went right on the run I had declared would be my final at before leaving for work. Crossed the finish line..."3'54"00"...right on the nose. I leapt from my chair and slammed my fist into the nearest wall. I failed to stop and realize this wall was not drywall, but masonry (concrete) covered with pretty fake wood paneling. I thought I broke my hand and couldn't move it the rest of that day. I never said anything because I was afraid of getting in trouble. As I reflect, I think that's why I stopped punching things. I just kill baby puppies now. I can almost make a complete fist now!"

MarioKartUpstart: but what makes it worse...
MarioKartUpstart: the AI
MarioKartUpstart: so it's not just things failing..
A Runnelid: No, I understand..
MarioKartUpstart: but we can identify it as the fault of other "humans" who could've possibly planned your demise
MarioKartUpstart: their predictability can be the annoying part...
MarioKartUpstart: in goldeneye..
MarioKartUpstart: "please don't kneel, please don't kneel, please don't kneel"
MarioKartUpstart: *guard kneels*
MarioKartUpstart: *i get stuck on him*
MarioKartUpstart: *i shoot him in the head till he fades away*
MarioKartUpstart: *i shoot the spot where his body used to be until they kill me*

"Sixteen", GE/PD:

Here's a list of his violent activities:

"Cusing as loud as I can at the T.V
Throwing my controler on the ground and at a wall.
Punching my T.V
Punching my sister. I was so frustrated and here comes my sister to ask me all these questions.
Punch my controler.
Punch the cartridge.
Throw the cartridge.
Stomp on the controler.
Spit at the T.V.
Then when you get to see that long dieng screen*cough*Goldneye*cough* Cuse and scream and all sorts of stuff."

Alex Lowe (friend of "Desert Eagle"):

"He would be playing Donkey Kong and die, then he grabs his hair and starts pulling on it, sometimes even pulling out some hair. Then he would just swear at the game. He rarely does anything to the controller, he just takes his anger out on his hair..."

Vincent Rolin, GE:

"after a hour and half I still hadn't got another completed run , grumbling against all those bastards guards.And when I did a 2:12 run , having survived till the end on the crapiest run ever , then saw that the mission was failed because I missed one circuit satellite , I took the first thing that came into my hand , and threw it onto the wall. That thing is now fully broken."

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