Game Rage

Patience lost, civility forsaken, controllers destroyed.


Over the last few months I have been piecing together bits of commentary from gamers of all kinds, collecting stories of rage, violence, and even murder? Keep reading. I suspected, from personal experience, that I was not the only person out there who experiences a uniquely intense rage from failure at video games. I've done some maniacal things in response, but I now realize that psychological treatment may not be necessary, for there are others worse than me....

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Part 4

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Ben Gorman, PD:

After an episode of intense yelling and cursing at some video game, Ben went outside to get the mail. His next-door neighbor, who was nearby, asked something to the effect of, "Hey, I thought I heard something earlier, is everything...okay?"

Ben realized that he had a problem. He went inside and closed the window.

Dan Dykstra, GE/PD:

During Illinois 2002, Dan got so mad at Caverns that he said, "Caverns 00 is flippin' retarded." Offended, I asked him to leave the room.

(Inside joke explanation: Dan can be heard, faintly, saying this in the background of the Illinois basement tour video.)

Randy Buikema, GE/PD:

Randy loses 0.1s for missing a train lock: "holy MOLY, that was a bunch of crap" with mild loudness.

(Inside joke explanation: Randy has high standards and controlled game rage.)

Greg Lavery, GE/PD:

"I'll just assume I didn't lose 4 bars on the first guy. This run has "quit" written all over it."

(Inside joke explanation: Greg is hilarious. He never gets mad, he just gets comical)

Dirk Olson, GE/PD:


sixteen GE/PD:

sixteenpd: I was playing PD
sixteenpd: for thr first time in ages I was actually having a super run in Pelagic 2 sa
sixteenpd: some ass holes get in my way by the stairs sixteenpd: they blast me to hell and I die
sixteenpd: I was so mad that I grabbed my controler a chucked it on the floor
sixteenpd: then I grabbed a pen and threw it
sixteenpd: it ended up blowing up
sixteenpd: there is Black ink all over the carpet

Vitor Miranda, GE/PD:

"I was trying on Pelagic 2 Perfect Agent... on that moment, I was with a good time, almost full health, I could get like 2:30 or under... I talked to Elvis, then when I was coming back, only ONE guard killed me with his CMP150... I got so mad on that moment that I threw my controller on the floor... I took it back to my hand, but it wasnt working anymore... :("

"Now I rarely throw things on the floor/wall. And when I throw, that thing dont break. Actually I just swear the game or punch myself... PS: don't punch the wall because you can hurt your hand madstyle....... I dit it once. I just could not play for 2-3 days... and that sucks."

Mark Jones, MK64:

DnTn31: i just busted another controller playing DK
DnTn31: well not busted
DnTn31: but it rattles
DnTn31: i feel that the sling approach... ensures maximum anger relief along with maximum controller damage

Kevin Ventullo:

Dr Sbaitso0: anyway, I took my controller and threw it as hard as i could at the floor (which is stone covered with a thin carpet)
Dr Sbaitso0: it now sounds like it's got sand inside of it when you shake it
Dr Sbaitso0: i'm trying to find these "sand" type things, see it's a translucent controller

Bryan Youse, GE/PD:

Go to to read Bryan's Game Rage diary!

Bryan Bosshardt, GE:

"One run, I got stuck on a guard. I threw this ring shaped frizbee with full velocity at the TV screen and the picture turned purple with a green and red on the outside like I wrecked something inside the monitor. I was thinking at this point that my GE career and well being was over. I didn't want anyone to know so I decided to turn it off and take a nap hoping some miracle would happen. Turns out that the screen looked normal after my 2 hour nap. (miracle came true) That will be one game rage incident that will never be forgotten. In conclusion, DON'T THROW OBJECTS THAT SEEM LIGHT AGAINST YOUR TV SCREENS."

Peter Osterland, GE:

"Today goldeneye is being gay and about 10 minutes ago I just took an axe and chopped up one of my controllers. It was fun. "

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