Game Rage

Patience lost, civility forsaken, controllers destroyed.


Over the last few months I have been piecing together bits of commentary from gamers of all kinds, collecting stories of rage, violence, and even murder? Keep reading. I suspected, from personal experience, that I was not the only person out there who experiences a uniquely intense rage from failure at video games. I've done some maniacal things in response, but I now realize that psychological treatment may not be necessary, for there are others worse than me....

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Part 5

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Some contributor, I forget:

Here is a CLASSIC case of correctly exercised rage. Controller + Hammer = Relief.

Well done!

Jim Barrett, "Jimbo", GE:

"OK, 2 stories for you that I remember probably being the worst cases for vengeance against my game...

1. I was playing Bunker 2 SA one day, one of my more enjoyable levels for some reason. I was on a very clean run (perhaps 0:59 speed...), I just destroyed the 5th camera on the strafe with a KF7, nothing like knowing you're about to score a pimpin' PR if the end goes right. Well, I approach the last camera with the thought in the back of my mind that this run can go to hell quickly. I approach the stairs, aim and fire...Before my 2nd shot comes out I get boosted around like a goddamn bouncy ball in a box for about 10 seconds. ONE FUCKING MINUTE before I kill all the guards out of anger and finally take out the last cam. Finish Time - 2:01.

2. Caverns 00A - The most evil level in the entire game. Anyone who knows my l33t status knows I'm a big pussy on 00A. I was on a spectacular (not to mention lucky...) run into the radio room. NO HITS! I take out the barrells and shit and it completes! omg! I nervously head to the final stretch and take out the drones - Perfect - Awesome ending and all, I get EXTREMELY pumped for a new PR. Screen comes up. 2:34!!!!......Objective E Failed........WTF! WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!!! This message NEVER came up during the entire run!!! THE SCIENTISTS DIED AND I WAS NOT NOTIFIED!!! A would be 46 second cut, 40 points, and a huge load of my back down the drain. (not bad for a guy ranked 18th).... Getting out of my chair with the determination of the 9/11 hijackers to kill somebody, I start playing my drums like Metallica without a microphone. In the end both of my cymbals are caved in, and my bass drum head (!) has a hole in it......My God.

In conclusion Caverns 00A can lick my sweaty balls."

Anton Forsander, GE:

"no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :< :<...!! my records... they're gone! I just got Jungle 00 - 1:33 and was about to make a backup of my 007 file (main screen) since it was a while ago I did, I did and when I was gonna improve my Frigate 00 agent , I got a failed 1:30 time and it said [best time 1:29] and i was like.. what..the..? ...oh @#%$, you're not saying that I... so I went directly into the jungle level and checked and yep.. my old record was there (2:15)... so after 3 seconds of being calm and kinda shocked, I threw the controller right into the wall and now my 'Z' button is ..well it's not broken but it's really slow and I can't shoot fast and it feels like there's a tiny stone or something in the bottom when you press the button.

and now I gotta get a new controller cuz I cant stand the weird "clicking" sound when I press the 'Z' button and it's not working properly.. "

Vitor Miranda (GregK), GE/PD:

"i almost ate my controller, which was on my hand."

Folks. Throwing controllers against walls, hacking them to bits with axes, throwing them at family members--this is normal game rage behavior, but seriously...Do not eat your controller. I can't stress this one enough. Learn from the following example....

Dallas Gipson, my girlfriend:

My lady got the urge to play some old school Sega, which was very exciting for me. I quickly hooked it up and cut her loose on some Lion King. Well, things quickly turned ugly, as this novice gamer lost her composure and made the mistake we all dread. Controller eating.

Let this be lesson to you all. Remember,


Manage your anger with care kids, but never stop killing. And keep gaming.

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