Game Rage

Patience lost, civility forsaken, controllers destroyed.


Over the last few months I have been piecing together bits of commentary from gamers of all kinds, collecting stories of rage, violence, and even murder? Keep reading. I suspected, from personal experience, that I was not the only person out there who experiences a uniquely intense rage from failure at video games. I've done some maniacal things in response, but I now realize that psychological treatment may not be necessary, for there are others worse than me....

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Part 6

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Jason Whalls, many titles:

Jason is one of our true legends of game rage, and I think he's immortalized his greatness with these images:

Note the broken joystick laying around in the "M".

Here's a closeup of his beloved "El Nino", slightly opened so you can see the severity of the damage. Next to it is Jason's infamous desk lamp; the one that was duct taped "to limited success".

To read Jason's own commentary, click here to open a MS Word document of Jason's account of the images, along with the classic stories behind them.

From: Megaton Hammer | Posted: 9/7/2003 10:19:10 AM (from GameFaqs)

"I have a game rage related story. Last year I lived with a family in Wisconsin over the summer, and they had two kids who always fought over the N64. One day, in the middle of a game, one of them grabbed the N64 and threw it into a bucket of bleach. First sparks, then a non-functioning N64. After a few days of drying out, it did actually work."

Eli Greenfield, friend

I don't suppose that has anything to do with rage...but that's just funny. Maybe if he got pissed and gave up sooner, he wouldn't look so dirty and untrustworthy. What a bad roommate...hehe.

Harvey Manhood, GE

"On a related note, i experienced my first real bit of game rage the other day. I was playing challenge 29 on 1-player, and i'd managed to get a 6-3 lead (probably through lucky spawning positions, lol). And well, it all went wrong and before long i was 9-6 response i threw my controller at the screen hard, and then began to jump on it, making sure it was beyond repair before i stopped (how pitiful). Then i tore my teeth into the cable just to make sure it got what it deserved. I needed that for 4-player completions, damn im stupid for playing PD at all."

Whoa Harvey! I suppose the best of us can lose it.

Steve Bryze ("comeasur"), rugged outdoorsman

"I accidentally killed Greg Woll through teh internet"

Teh W00l = ..dead? NOOOOOOOO GODDAMN YOU COME! You must DIE!

This is unacceptable behavior. Nobody else is permitted to kill Greg Woll through the internet ever again, no exceptions.

Randy Roeper, via email

Randy has sent me a few very interesting emails, to say the least. Randy undoubtedly takes the title as the most enraged gamer the site has encountered. You see, Randy, like many of us, gets mad at his controllers. However, he doesn't just bash them against things in a blinding moment of rage. No, he basically bashes them against his head until they break. And this has happened roughly 10 times. Oh yes! Allow me to quote him, as I wouldn't want you to miss a single word of his unusual account:

"My rage started back about 9 years ago when i borrowed a nintendo from a friend and i got so pissed off i threw it out my window...from a 2nd story building...lets say it didn't survive."

Inriguing...go on!

"...then i started playing Tokyo Extreme Racing...and i was doing good and i fucking hit a wall and just fucking lost it and slammed the controller on my head 5 times...not sure why 5 times it jsut seems right. i dropped the controller and the VMU didn't work anymore. so i picked it up and said..."i am going to break this fucker on my head..." after about 25 more slams on my head...i just sat there and watched the blood drip from my forehead...kind of sick huh??? so i took the 2 outside...grabbed them by there cords and swung them around then slammed them into the ground...they shattered but the frame was still alive so i did it again."

Yes, I'd say you're in a class all by yourself. Could you try to sum up the product of your rage?

"Right now i have a nintendo, super nintendo, N64, Sega, 32x, Sega CD, X-box, Dreamcast and playstation. I have thrown one system out a 2 story window, that was the regular nintendo i borrowed from a friend b/c mine was fucked up. i went through 2 original playstation controllers, and 5 generic plastic ones. I have gone through 2 X-Box controllers by slamming them, hitting them with a wiffle ball bat and slamming them at my head. I have gone through 3 dreamcast controllers in the past day. Those 3 were in a 2 hour period. I just lost it and broke them all. i have broken 5 dreamcast controllers altogether. Oh yea, i've broken one light gun for regular nintendo playing hogans alley...those fuckers cheat...and that is about it. i am trying to find someone that will make me a custom controller for dreamcast...and the guy said no."

With regard to the dreamcast controllers feeling your wrath, we call that "natural selection". But we'll keep our fingers crossed on getting that Randy-proof dreamcast controller invented soon. If they make a dreamcast controller that survives being slung into pavement...I still wouldn't buy a Dreamcast.

Keep breaking shit, but watch the skull bashing. I'm contractually obliged to speak against self-injuring.

Bah, fuck it, just be sure someone emails me when you kill yourself a virtual boy or something. Thanks for the submission!

From: FinalKingdomCrossing | Posted: 9/6/2003 4:58:45 PMM (from GameFaqs)

"Ok, [my brother] was doing story mode 7 on VH and he just got REALLY pissed off. So he started punching my bed and then he freaked out and hit my bedstand. He's cracking up and rolling around then we see his arm is ALL bloody. He washes it off and WHAM Hes got this two inch deep gash in his ****ing elbow. -_- Some people take games too far."

DID YOU READ RANDY'S STORIES??? Still, the blood means good traffic, so thanks for sharing :)

Another unnamed GameFaqs user:

"Thats nothing I got pissed off at a game about 7 or 8 years ago (was 15) forgot which and punched through a empty 20 gallon glass aquarium sliting my wrist in 3 places length wise. It was bleeding like crazy luckily I missed the veins and arteries and didn't even goto the hospital, but I still carry the scars on my arm and people always think I'm suicidal or something when they see them though their not as noticable as they used to be =P"

Hmmm. I take that last comment back. That's got to be the most shocking account of game rage we've ever received. I guess for that, we appreciate the story. That wraps up a pretty insane update!

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