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Alive and Kickin'!

It's been a long time in the making, but this page is finally back up to date, and I'm finally back to present you with some news and acclaim for our great Goldeneye players and their equally great records. Has this site been ignored? Yes. Put off? Yes. Forgotten? Never. Let's get right into it, since it's been 6 months and there's a lot to talk about.

As we left you last time, one Karl Jobst was in the midst of a return to his roots, already shocking us with an untied on Train A, he moved on to Archives, getting what many believe are maxed records with his untied 0:55s on SA and 00A. He matched the Agent record as well, for one of the quickest sweeps in history. In true Karl fashion though, he disappeared with little warning and hasn't been seen since tying the common Depot A 0:26. Still, he earned himself a POM and was added back into the rankings, currently sitting at 13th in World Records.

The biggest news of this update revolves around Henrik Norgren and his revolutionary find on Train SA/00A that has cut nearly 30 seconds off the total time. He found that if you cut the floor fast enough and get out of the train (and far enough away from the hole), Natalya will not follow you, but will stay in the train, and complete her objectives. This saves the time you would take running out of the train after the final objective completes on either difficulty, as you can just stand near the end of the level and wait until she's finished. This strat knocked the SA total time under the 26:00 mark, the 00A total time under 30:00, and the overall total time lingering right around the 1:16:00 mark. Henrik passed the records back and forth with a couple of others before completing 1:56 on 00A and 1:29 on SA, both of which are incredible runs to watch. Before this, he broke Karl's recently untied record with an outstanding 1:05 on Train agent, leading to the first untied sweep on Train in a long time. The new Train strat earns Henrik the POQ award for the Winter, and POM for February. He has undoubtedly carved his name into Goldeneye lore forever, joining Hovis and Bosshardt as "The Next Big Thing" in GE strats.

Another man who was dominating the field during the last update was Ilari Pekkala, and he continued that domination throughout most of the past 6 months. His winter was a bit quiet, although quiet for Illu means tying some of the less-than-common records. Heading into March, he really turned it on and began to play with an unrivaled intensity that would propel him up 3rd in WRs. Ilari basically went insane (well, more insane than normal) and took over on Aztec, untying all 3 records and setting a new standard with 1:34/1:42/1:49. As if that isn't good enough, he matched some of Henrik's Train records in the earlier stages of the strat, with an impressive 1:31/2:01. All of these efforts earn him the POQ award for Spring, and POM for March with 3/4 weeks as POW. He wasn't done there though, setting his sights on Dam and accomplishing perhaps the best Secret Agent record as of now (maybe even ever) with 1:17. The run is absolutely flawless and anyone who watches it can see just how much raw talent is in this Swedish gamer. He soon broke the barrier on 00A with a great 1:59, and an extremely entertaining video to join it. He looks to be a shoe-in for the POM in June, but there's still a week left, so it's still up for grabs!

2 of the up and comers who might be going after that POM are Ryan White and Michael Kirkness. They are often placed together in conversations about the future of the rankings, and with good reason! They're both outstanding young players with enough talent to push the game to the limit for years to come, and they have proven it over the past few months. White nabbed some of the less-common-but-not-rare WRs in Runway 00A 0:38 and Facility A 0:47 while Kirkness focused on Archives, completing the sweep with 0:55 of SA/00A. Ryan soon moved on to Silo, tying one of Bosshardt's best with 1:32 on 00 Agent, taking one of the longest lasting untieds down in the process. He soon set his own untied, with 1:31, and then tied Agent with a very nice 1:05. He then moved on to Surface 1, getting a quick tied sweep of all 3 records earning himself 3 POWs over a 4 week period, and the POM award for April. He focused his attention back on Facility for a short time, untying SA with 0:56 (bear in mind, 0:57 was thought to be very good when it was set 2 years ago). He finishes off this update with Archives Agent 0:16 and Secret Agent 0:55, and I'm sure 00A is coming soon. Michael was less level oriented this update, and focused more on single records. His tie of 0:53 Dam A was a bit of a shock, but nothing too out of the ordinary these days. A few days later, he really released a shocker though, tying one of the "untieables" in Runway Agent 0:22. This easily earns him a POW and POM (a slow month, though a worthy award for his great week). The 0:22 was a sign of things to come, as his focus shifted over to Bunker 1, and the unthinkable happened. It only took 1024 days (that's 2 years, 9 months, 20 days), but Bunker 1 Agent is no longer an untied record. Michael's 0:17 takes down the longest lasting untied EVER, and secures himself a spot as a lifelong GE WR holder. We sure hope both of these guys can continue with their rush of activity, as they are really changing the face of the ranks and the community. Ryan has moved up to 4th in WRs, Michael stays strong in 8th, but it would not be a surprise to see either of these guys holding the top spot at some point in the future. If there was any time that it was safe to say the BBWJ era was over, this may be it.

Speaking of that, at least the BB part, GE champ Bryan Bosshardt graced us with his presence a few times so far this year. His activity was sporadic, though welcome in the crowd of largely new players. He even earned himself a POW, with a pair of untieds in Train 00 1:59 and Aztec SA 1:43. Before the new Train strat arose, he was able to nab an untied on SA, with 1:42. His retirement announcement was a bit surreal, as you could always tell there was a comeback imminent. He recently returned to playing, and quickly tied the new Archives SA/00A records, which are becoming more and more common lately. With this comeback and Wouter's apparent inactivity, Bryan may be able to pull off one of the largest leads in WRs, Points, Time, and pretty much every other category there is. He has a lot of work ahead of him though, as the new players like White and Kirkness, coupled with the efforts of Pekkala and Norgren have pushed the Bossman farther and farther off the total time. These efforts have also given Bryan 8 out of the 10 longest lasting untieds, as a pair of Wouter's great records were tied. Boss has some more records lined up to go on the page too, so if he can knock off Wouter's top 2, we may see a Bosshardt sweep of the longest lasting page. If anybody can do it, it's Bosshardt, and this should be fun to watch.

Many other players have been active this period, notably Alex Anderson, who continued his stable GE career with some nice WR ties and a very good untied of his own in Bunker 2 SA 0:49. Mike Gaydeski also returned to activity, finally grabbing that elusive Streets 00A 1:56, and just recently tying Surface 2 SA 0:55. Good work Mike! Newbie Jimmy Bauer did some great work on Runway, getting 0:23 on SA and being only the 4th to get 0:38 on 00A. These are both great times for a newcomer, and hopefully he continues to be active in the coming months. Inactive player Graham Morris climbed a spot in the WR rankings, probably because people keep beating Jimbo's times. Great work, Graham!

We welcome 5 new players to the site this time around, most notably Rayan Isran, who did a lot of great work on Train early in the year, tying Karl's 1:06 on Agent, and setting an untied with 1:41 on SA. This soon became null and void with Henrik's new strat, but it's still a great accomplishment for the young upstart! He continued with 0:23 on both Runway SA and surprisingly Bunker 1 SA, surprising a lot of people with a great run. He could be the next great player if he is willing to dedicate himself to the game, but it's hard to tell with his periods of inactivity and strange behavior. He makes his debut at 20th on the WR rankings, a very good showing indeed. Joining him in the realm of newbies is Luke Szklarz, who makes his debut at 23rd. Luke nabbed 0:26 on Depot, and a very nice 1:03 on Caverns Agent. He is one of, if not the closest to getting 1:02, which pretty much everybody knows is possible, and hopefully his dedication will pay off with a nice untied in the future. Good work, Luke! 3 other players debut tied for 28th, with Depot A 0:26 as their only WR. Veteran Adam Matis and newcomers Jared Kirkness and Simon Sternis all achieved this record, and it is hopefully the first of many.

Every time I update this page, I think to myself, "There can't possibly be much more that will happen in the game... it's almost a decade old!". Every time, I'm proven wrong. While this may be a tedious, frustrating, and annoying job, it truly amazes me what you people accomplish, and what you will certainly continue to accomplish over this decade and the next. I'm proud to keep updating this page as long as you are proud to get these World Records. Prove me wrong one more time, Elite. Until then, I'm Steve Bryze, bidding you farewell and good luck.

The Winds of Change

A lot has changed since the last time we presented you with the World Records of Goldeneye. Records have fallen, new talents have emerged, legends have returned to recapture some of their former glory, and we've even had a few surprises along the way. One thing remains unchanged though, and that's the fact that this page will never die, no matter who is updating it. I'm Steve Bryze. Join me on this journey into the past five months of making Bond go fast.

Why not start this update off with the biggest news of it? The 2005 Player of the Year has been chosen, and for the first time in history, his name is not Wouter Jansen or Bryan Bosshardt. Go check it out, and congratulations to all the award winners this update, as it's the first (but definitely not the last) set of POWs and POMs for a few of these people.

Speaking of Wouter and Bryan, this period was the most active of the year for them combined, and while the records weren't abundant, they sure were good. Wouter's focus was on Frigate, where he spent most of his time on Agent, and eventually got the elusive 0:23 that we all knew was possible. Wouter is definitely taking the game to the max with records like this, and is showing that he'll stop at nothing to knock another second off a time. Soon after, he untied SA and 00A, which were both soon untied themselves. Bryan took that SA record with a very impressive 1:03. Keep in mind that this record was 1:08 at the beginning of the year, and has slowly worked its way down to its current state. Bryan also took charge on Cradle after the rush of 0:35 ties on Agent. He untied A with 0:34, then picked up some quick 0:36s on SA/00A. Good work, champ!

Perhaps the most active, and the one to pick up some of the slack in the absence of Bryan and Wouter, is none other than Ilari Pekkala. The aptly-named "Shocker from Sweden" continued his previous rise, this time from 8th to 4th in WRs. His efforts on some of the more difficult levels paid off, as he tied some tough times, including 0:38 Runway 00A, 1:18 Dam SA, 0:35 Cradle A, and a Facility sweep. His most impressive feat this time around was a great performance on the hardest level in the game, Aztec. He took the SA and 00A records down a second each, to 1:44 and 1:54 respectively, easily the best accomplishments of his young, but storied GE career.

Joining Ilari, as they have in the past, were two others who have become top level GE players over 2005. Dan Cervone was not nearly as active as he was earlier in the year, but still made his presence felt with a very nice 2:11 tie on Train 00A and the last Cradle A 0:35 before it was untied. Alex Anderson gained 5 spots on the World Rankings, largely on the strength of his Frigate 00 1:11. He pretty much started the destruction of the old Frigate records with his 1:06 on SA, later tied by Wouter and beaten by Bryan. Alex has also become quite a WR threat, busting out ties on various levels, notably Egypt SA, Facility SA, and Bunker 1 SA.

The biggest news of this update may involve a pair of people you've never even heard of before. The Canadian duo of Ryan White and Michael Kirkness have become overnight sensations, both joining the rankings in the top ten. Ryan started as most new players do, with some nice ties on Runway SA and Depot A... nothing out of the ordinary, right? He soon followed with ties on some not so ordinary levels, especially Cradle A 0:35 and Surface 2 A 0:52. These aren't easy records, but this newbie sure made it seem that way. He even got the first untied of 2006, with an incredibly impressive 0:51 on Surface 2 A. Keep in mind that when Peter first got 0:52, a good majority of people thought it was maxed. Kirkness took a little less conventional round to his glory, with 3 records in 3 days (Runway, Depot, Cradle) and then a bit of a break before his first untied in Cradle 00A 0:36. While it was soon tied by Bryan, that didn't discourage this young upstart, as he turned his attention to Archives where he quickly picked up a sweep. The future looks bright for these two, and with that, for the game and this page.

At the other end of the spectrum, one of the oldest players returned to playing Goldeneye just recently. When I say "one of the oldest," I really mean "the guy who helped create the GE Elite." Yes, the ever-dubious Karl Jobst made a comeback, and in spectacular fashion (as if we'd assume any less from Mr. Jobst). While he isn't an official member of the GE Elite ranks, his times will be mentioned here and throughout this page, and videos of his new records will be released in the forum. Karl has already regained some of the skills he left the game with, getting an incredible untied in a very short period of time. His 1:06 on Train Agent accomplishes a few things. It knocks off the Longest Lasting Untied Record EVER in Wouter's 1:07 (at 973 days!), it gives the top spot on Longest Lasting Untieds to the most famous GE record, Bunker 1 A 0:17, and finally, it re-asserts Karl as an awesome player who is capable of anything he sets his mind to. Wouter, Bryan, and anyone else with an untied should be feared, because with Karl around, no record is safe.

Other active players this update are Patrik Nilsson, who re-joins the site with 3 new records! Brandon Sanford, whose hard work and dedication to the game finally rewarded him with 1:56s on Streets SA/00A. Good work, Brandon! Mike Gaydeski just tied Streets SA 1:56 a few hours ago, and 00A is sure to follow. Everybody's favourite Brit, Harvey Manhood also made a small comeback and grabbed a record, though he soon disappeared again. And finally, new player Jimmy Bauer makes his debut with Depot A 0:26.

Good job to all for their records, and good luck to those still playing. It's truly amazing how active this place still is, and the rush of activity near the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006 may change the history of Goldeneye more than any of us could even imagine. All we can do is wait, play, and enjoy it while it lasts.

The future's in the air, I can feel it everywhere, blowing with the wind of change.

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