Player of the Week Awards

For every week since the creation of this site I have awarded a Player of the Week award (POW) as well as a Player of the Month winner. For each month there are 4 POWs awarded. Seasonal awards have also been handed out. I selected each winner with great consideration and no biases. Please bear in mind that some weeks were more competitive than others.

This site is a world records site, and winners are selected solely on how many world records they've acquired. Their prior totals and skill level *do* influence the outcome, but only slightly and in tight decisions. I realize these awards will not serve as a source of motivation (as it would on a PR-based criteria), but it's intended simply as another means of me giving credit where it is due for the accomplishments of the greatest GE solo players in the world.

Spring 2001

March - Wouter Jansen - Many WRs, several untied
1 Sterling Neblett Makes last comeback with 9 records, 6 untied!!
2 Wouter Jansen Ties 7 records!
3 Wouter Jansen 0:50 Facility agent tie, 1:01 untied SA & 00A)
4 Derek Clark 1st record = Statue 2:29... x 3! Third under 2:30

April - Randy Buikema - Exploded onto GE scene
1 Craig Makepeace 3 WRs, surprising Jungle 00 agent tie (1:09).
2 Randy Buikema Debuts with a ton of ties
3 Randy Buikema Starts setting new records
4 Chris Rayola Triples WR total by getting 6 records.

May - Karl Jobst - 20-WR month proves he is one of the best
1 Wouter Jansen 4 WRs, 2 untied (1:54 Surface SA & 00A)
2 Karl Jobst 6 records, 2 untied (Jungle SA and 00A)
3 Karl Jobst 5 records, lowers Caverns 00 more than once
4 Karl Jobst 8 WRs, scores 1:13 train, 1:29 caverns

Best Player Spring 2001 - Wouter Jansen
While both Randy Buikema and Karl Jobst had very strong months,
Wouter was the only one who scored multiple records in each of the 3 months.

Summer 2001

June - Wouter Jansen - Multiple untied records, some still untied
1 Derek Clark 3 WRs, 2 untied records with Statue 2:28/2:27/2:28
2 Wouter Jansen 3 untied, 2:08 caverns, 1:58 streets, 0:26 bunk1 SA
3 Wouter Jansen 2 untied, Facility 0:58 SA/1:00 00A
4 Greg Lavery 4 agent records, 2nd untied record (0:49 egyptian)

July - Greg Lavery - Impressive rise to the top
1 Karl Jobst Reveals 10 WRs at once! (1:53 Surface 1 SA & 00A)
2 Derek Clark 5 WRs, most notably 2:26 Statue 00 agent
3 Greg Lavery Multiple WRs, 2 untied 00a records
4 Ben Gorman 4 WRs, all "cake"

August - Randy Buikema - Edges out Wouter w/ consistency during month
1 Randy Buikema 6 WRs, including several insane new times
2 Randy Buikema A few more (0:25 Bunker 2 agent)
3 Wouter Jansen Posts 9 WRs, 4 untied! (1:03 Caverns...)
4 Adam Moore 2 WRs, gains several ranks

Best Player Summer 2001 - Randy Buikema
Gradual PRing plus a late surge of untied records pushed Randy into #1 on this site as well as the Elite.

Fall 2001

September - Peter Osterland - Steady accumulation of agent records
1 Peter Osterland Surprises with 2 uncommon agent records
2 Eddie Lovins 2 records, first untied (0:25 frigate agent)
3 Randy Buikema First under 1:00 on the daunting Facility 00
4 Wouter Jansen 0:36 Cradle agent in a quiet week

October - Wouter Jansen - Sets a bunch of new records, no contest
1 Wouter Jansen 5 records, 4 untied (sweeps Silo, Cradle)
2 Wouter Jansen New Depot records, ties long-held Aztec SA record
3 Wouter Jansen Two untied records, beats oldest record w/ 1:56 Aztec
4 Greg Woll Surprises everyone with Egyptian sweep

November - Wouter Jansen - Improves upon his own records
1 Tim Greneby Ties a pair of uncommon records
2 Wouter Jansen Improves Frigate 00 by 4 seconds!!?
3 Clark/Carney/Sellati Each acquire 0:49 Facility
4 Wouter Jansen Improves already untied Silo SA

Best Player Fall 2001 - Wouter Jansen
An astonishing 10 untied records during the span; no competition.

Winter 2001-2002

December - Peter Osterland & Wouter Jansen - Wouter gets records, Peter was exceptional.
1 Wouter Jansen Improves Silo SA and 00 agent somehow
2 Bryan Youse & Stephen Chan Each achieve first WR, Bunker 0:18
3 Peter Osterland 4 WRs in 6 days! First untied; 300 pts on Cradle
4 Tim Greneby Returns with Train SA and new Caverns 00 record

2001 Player of the Year - Wouter Jansen
Wouter wins the award easily, finishing the year ranked 1st despite threats from Randy Buikema and Karl Jobst. In a year that saw Sterling drop from 1st to 10th, Wouter kept active and set the most untied records, sometimes improving his own just because he knew he could. Nothing surprises us anymore... Wouter has held 58 out of the 60 records at least once during the year. No matter what happens from here, Wouter has written himself a GoldenEye legacy that is unlikely to be matched.

January - Greg Lavery - 1 more untied record than Randy, and he didn't hoard (ie, Greg paid me)
1 Dan Dykstra Three records in 48 hours!
2 Wouter Jansen Restores 300 pts on Cradle, ties Bunker 1 00 agent
3 Greg Lavery Deflowers Bunker 2, plus 2 others
4 Randy Buikema Comebacktacular! 0:49 Egyptian SA + 6 others

February - Tim Greneby - Breaks long-standing Aztec SA, plus gets 2 other difficult ties.
1 Ben Southward 1:03 Caverns agent!
2 Wouter Jansen 4:26 Control SA - now has held all 20 SA records
3 Tim Greneby Ties Wouter's Control SA
4 Tim Greneby 2 untied: 2:17 Aztec SA and 1:12 Bunker 2 00

Best Player Winter 2001-2002 - Wouter Jansen
Once again, no competition. Only consistent top-ranked player.

Spring 2002

March - Graham Morris - Got more records than anyone, especially impressive given his rank.
1 Patrick Wessels Unbelievable 4:09 on Caverns LTK
2 Randy Buikema 4:24 Control SA and 0:45 Depot SA
3 David Gibbons 2:04 Caverns 00 = 1st untied. 1:05 Surface 1 A, also.
4 Graham Morris 3 agent records for the rising talent

April - (a tie)
Eise Smit - Four records, including an untied, on his way back into GE's top 10.
Tim Greneby - Six records, including one untied, on his way back to GE's top 4.
1 Tim Greneby 2:02 Caverns 00 agent + 2 other uncommon records.
2 Eise Smit Surprising 1:45 Train SA. 0:49 Facility agent, also.
3 Eise Smit Staying warm, 3rd to get 0:53 Surface 2 agent.
4 Tim Greneby Ties 3 agent records.

1 Adam Moore Ties Egyptian A/00 records, Runway 00 too!
2 Karl Jobst New Egypt strat = two 0:48s
3 J. Dubreuilo & Gary Carney One record apiece
4 Graham Morris Making his name known...

Best Player Spring 2002 - Graham Morris
From 0 records to 7 over this period, Graham is getting attention, the best in 2002 so far.

Summer 2002

June - Bryan Bosshardt - Just "shows up" with amazing Aztec strat, plus *several* agent record ties. Amazing.
1 Craig Makepeace Strong comeback PR: 1:20 Dam SA!
2 Garrett Sellati Ties GE's longest-lasting untied! (1:11 Frigate SA)
3 Greg Woll Unexpected comeback WR, 1:05 Surface 1 agent.
4 Vitor Miranda Makes his name known, using new Aztec strat.

July - Wouter Jansen - Spent the month dominating Aztec and Frigate. Didn't whoard either.
1 Wouter Jansen 5 Aztec records posted this week.
2 Karl Jobst Beats Aztec SA record by 9 seconds!
3 Wouter Jansen 0:24 Frigate agent!!! 1:10 on SA to boot.
4 Randy Buikema Celebrates whoard with 0:48 Facility agent and 2:04 Dam 00

August - Bryan Bosshardt - Despite Buikema's consistency, Bryan's performance has been especially impressive.
1 Randy Buikema Gets back Bunker 2 sweep, including insane 1:09 on 00 agent.
2 Bryan Bosshardt Amazes everyone with Statue 2:26 sweep and 1:58s on Streets.
3 Scott Berger Increases record total from 1 to 6!
4 Randy Buikema Finishes Facility sweep; nearly completes untied Streets sweep

Best Player Summer 2002 - Bryan Bosshardt
Bryan made a memorable entrance into the Elite this summer, bringing us the no-Jaws Aztec strat. His progress in the months since has been that of legend, already considered one of the few best players and one of the best innovators, making him a threat to any record.

Fall 2002

September - Bryan Bosshardt - Expectations for Bryan have become limitless as he piles up records, many untied.
1 Derek Clark 4 records, most notably 0:47 Egyptian.
2 Wouter Jansen 4 records, including 1:08 Frigate SA and Egypt LTK ownage.
3 Bryan Bosshardt Rapes Streets SA one more time with 1:56, plus a pair of 57s....
4 Bryan Bosshardt 4 records, 3 untied (including the impossible: Dam 53!)

October - Wouter Jansen - Never settling for anything less than perfect, Wouter is blowing the competition away.
1 Peter Osterland 0:26 Depot, amazing. Throws in a 1:14 Streets.
2 Wouter Jansen No question; completed Surface 1 and Egypt sweeps, 3 untied.
3 Wouter Jansen 0:44/0:52 on Depot, 0:55 on Surface 2 SA
4 Wouter Jansen Finishes up Surface 2: 0:53 on agent, 1:35 on 00 agent.

November - Wouter Jansen - Close month, but LTK records support Wouter's lone record, 0:51 Depot 00.
1 Wouter Jansen Finally gets his 0:51 on Depot 00, amazing...LTK WRs, too.
2 Bryan Bosshardt Takes a break from PD to get a couple of desired records.
3 Matthijs ten Ham Back strong with 2 records.
4 Martin Bauer Finally gets 1st record, despite already having wins vs. me!

Best Player Fall 2002 - Wouter Jansen
Any doubt as to who is GoldenEye's best has all but diminished as Wouter has taken firm control of the #1 spot. Wouter's current dominance is like nothing seen since Sterling Neblett's reign. With Bosshardt dabbling in PD, Wouter has thrived in the spotlight, working on completing his project of perfecting every mission. And with over 100 videos, Wouter is the most proven console gamer in the world. What more could you ask for from the champ?

Winter 2002-2003

December - Wouter Jansen - 5 untied records, 2 sweeps.
1 Karl Jobst/Tyler Probert 0:54 Jungle to spite friends/0:26 Depot out of nowhere.
2 Wouter Jansen Video page completed, destroys Cradle (all 3).
3 Adam Moore/Craig Makepeace Both Aussies picked up 0:57s on Archives
4 Wouter Jansen A resounding 0:54-0:58-1:02 sweep on Jungle.

2002 Player of the Year - Wouter Jansen
For the second year in a row, Wouter wins the award indisputably. Pushed by the roaring newcomer, Bryan Bosshardt, Wouter has affirmed his title as GoldenEye's best player throughout the year. Wouter answered new challenges with confidence, as he quickly WRed on Aztec with Bosshardt's new strat, and took a positive outlook on the discovery of look-down, utilizing it to achieve a variety of long-sought times. He has rounded out the year by breaking many of his own site records, most notably having achieving all 60 records at least once.

Bryan Bosshardt earns a very honorable mention, as his entry to the GoldenEye Elite is easily the most impressive we've ever seen (sorry Randy). He may be the story of 2002, but his arrival was in mid-spring, which rendered him ineligible. Nonetheless, his performance was worthy of such a title, if not for that peerless Dutchman....

I look forward to watching these two great players test the limits in 2003.

January - Wouter Jansen - Domination of Train put his name above others for this month.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Gets INSANE Archives 0:16 to complete godlike Archives sweep.
2 Graham Morris Continues his rise with 2 records (there are no "cake records")
3 Wouter Jansen Yet another sweep, 1:10-1:45-2:11 Train
4 Wouter Jansen Improves train sweep to 1:08!-1:44-2:11, all untied now.

February - Wouter Jansen - Systematically taking down records (another sweep!)
1 Bryan Bosshardt Great week: Facility 0:58s, Control 4:23 SA, Caverns 1:03.
2 Graham Morris Surprises even himself by tying Wouter's 0:35 Cradle agent!
3 Wouter Jansen Takes down GE's longest lasting record, 4:25 Control 00 agent.
4 Wouter Jansen Finishes off Control with 4:04!-4:22-4:24.

Best Player Winter 2002-2003 - Wouter Jansen
He just doesn't quit, does he? Despite the threatening presence of Bosshardt, Wouter has stolen the spotlight in the past 3 months by adding FIVE new 300 point missions to his resume, with #6 looming.... The feat has been made more impressive as most of the records have been untied. Wouter has single-handedly brought GE's total time down significantly; it's currently resting--precariously--at 1:19:01.

Spring 2003

March - Trent Hovis - This red-hot rookie redefined how Statue is played, discovering a time-saver that has led to 17 seconds cut from the Elite's total time.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Nips at Wouter's heels with 1:16 Silo SA and 4:22 Control SA.
2 Bryan Bosshardt 1:09 Bunker 1 wows everyone, truly a limit tested.
3 Dan Berube Shows his potential with a eye-opening 0:53 dam agent.
4 Trent Hovis Discovers new Statue strat, breaks the 2:26 "barrier".

April - Wouter Jansen - "Whoard" or not, Wouter extends his 1st-place lead by pulling down several sick records.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Bryan takes the Statue records lower than anyone expected.
2 Matthijs ten Ham The flying Dutchman finally gets his 0:26 Depot agent.
3 Dan Berube Dan continues his reputable WR run with 1:04 Surface 1 agent.
4 Wouter Jansen Wouter unhoards with FOUR untied, including a Bunker 2 sweep.

May - Bryan Bosshardt - Bosshardt's utter domination of Statue, coupled with Egypt success earns him this month.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Somehow takes ANOTHER second off Statue, for fun or something.
2 Wouter Jansen Takes back some points by matching Bryan's Archives 16-56-56.
3 Wouter Jansen Takes another second off Train agent, unexpectedly.
4 Bryan Bosshardt Two-thirds into an Egyptian sweep, only SA remains.

Best Player Spring 2003 - Bryan Bosshardt
This was close (due to Wouter's whoard), but Bryan's challenge for #1 really has caught us all by surprise. It would take a few paragraphs to account all of his accomplishments during the last 3 months, but he really has added himself to an Elite group of gamers, accompanied only by Wouter and Karl in my opinion. As he prepares to retire and move on to college, we eagerly check the record topics to see what he has cooked up for us. Who knows what he has in store for us in the next few months, so stay tuned!

Summer 2003

June - Matthijs ten Ham - Slow month or not, Matthijs works on some of these records as hard as anyone. Congratulations, friend :)
1 Peter Osterland Peter upholds his agent reputation with 0:47 Egypt.
2 none no records
3 Matthijs ten Ham Matt! You got 58s on Facility! Very well done.
4 Tyler Probert Tyler impresses by achieving a pair of agent records.

July - Jim Barrett - Jim's reentry to the Elite was highlighted by a 00 WR! And the weakest month in POM history, realistically...hehe.
1 Dan Berube Another POW for this wondrous n00b (courtesy: 0:74 Roads Easy)
2 Steve Bryze Only WR post this week. The time is "infamous"....
3 Garrett Sellati 3:01 Aztec LTK. This is insane, by the way.
4 Jim Barrett 1:09 Bunker 1 00 agent. 4 times. Hott!

August - Bryan Bosshardt - Bryan scores a number of nice records as he prepares to bid adieu to the Elite, preparing for college. So we thought....
1 Bryan Bosshardt Surface 1 agent brought him to fame and it will keep him there.
2 Bryan Bosshardt Three records, 2 untied (4:21 Control SA, 0:57 Facility SA!!)
3 Wouter Jansen De-recording 60 people will do it every time (teh 0:17!!1)
4 Bryan Bosshardt Completes 2/3 of his imminent Silo sweep. 1:06 finally matched.

Best Player Summer 2003 - Bryan Bosshardt
Bryan does it again, this time without any doubts. Bryan turned it on late, reviving an otherwise dead GoldenEye season. Bryan achieved 1:03 Surface 1 agent, a time that will most likely never be beaten, possibly not even matched. We tend to through ever words like "never" and "forever" around here, but Surface 1 just has no more seconds to offer. Bryan also swept Silo (where Wouter reigned for years) and scored a sizzling 0:57 on Facility SA. Needless to say, we're very excited that Bryan is staying with us, making a real run at #1!

Fall 2003

September - Bryan Bosshardt - Despite the push from Wouter and Graham, Bryan had the most records, no contest.
1 Wouter Jansen Yet another second comes off Facility agent!
2 Bryan Bosshardt 0:38 Runway 00 agent, SAME STRAT!?!? Jesus.
3 Graham Morris Never thought I'd see 1:59 on Caverns with the old strat--wow!
4 Graham Morris SA strat on Caverns 00 pulled off! The time? 1:48!!!

October - Bryan Bosshardt - Bryan picked up a handful of nice untied records, slightly outpacing Wouter once again.
1 Bryan Bosshardt 1:46 Aztec secret agent stuns everyone.
2 Wouter Jansen Wouter RAPES Caverns with a 1:23 and a 1:42, damn-quick runs.
3 Trent Hovis Pushes Dam 00 even FURTHER, to 2:02!
4 Bryan Bosshardt Insane 4:02 - 4:18 - 4:22 Control sweep

November Bryan Bosshardt - Narrowly edged out Wouter, who was busy retrieving lost records.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Two records--becomes first under 1:20 on Dam SA.
2 Wouter Jansen Secures Silo 00 legend with 1:34--wow!
3 Bryan Bosshardt THREE records! Bryan's on fire....
4 Wouter Jansen THREE records! Wouter also appears to be on fire....

Best Player Fall 2003 - Bryan Bosshardt
Bosshardt made an incredible push at #1 the past several months and has clearly set himself above Wouter once again. Bryan simply outpaced Wouter, capturing 20(!) records in the span, a torrid pace. Looks like there's a seriously battle atop the GE ranks...we are quite fortunate for the efforts of both Bryan and Wouter. But congratulations to Bryan and thank you for keeping things exciting around here!

Winter 2003-2004

December - Bryan Bosshardt - Nevermind the analysis--4 POWS = POM
1 Bryan Bosshardt 1:32 Surface 2 00 marks a rare 3-SEC cut, wow!
2 Bryan Bosshardt Matches Wouter on Bunker 2 00 (1:07). Quiet week.
3 Bryan Bosshardt Flukes a 1:14 Frigate 00, ending longest-lasting streak.

A four-way tie!
Bryan Bosshardt
Wouter Jansen
Jim Barrett
Trent Hovis
This week was nuts, all four deserve it.
Bryan: Racked up 3 quick records to OVERTAKE WOUTER!!
Wouter: Follows up sweet 0:53 Jungle with 0:58 on 00 *GASP*
Jim: Obeyed my silo demand; finally eked out 1:08 Bunker 1 00!
Trent: Also obeyed my demand to get 1:06 Silo agent.

2003 Player of the Year - Bryan Bosshardt
To many this result was a foregone conclusion, but aside from the hype we had a truly memorable battle this year. Bryan has really absorbed most of the attention lately, winning 4 straight POWs, 3 straight seasonal awards and a site record FIVE straight POMs. You could say he finished the year " strong?" Yeah.

Bryan started the year 3rd in pts and 5th in time. Before the year was over he would shave over 5 minutes from his total time, coming within seconds of Wouter's total time. Of course, the big story of late is Bryan briefly taking the points title, though he ends the year 2nd officially--Wouter is not going to give up his title without a fight.

Wouter seemed to be at a disadvantage, not being able to gain rank positions, so I directed my focus to record accumulation. Bryan racked up an amazing 56 records in 2003, but Wouter was close behind with 47. This particular statistic was Wouter's only realistic chance at taking POY, so upon recovering the statistic, the deal was sealed. Bryan Bosshardt was 2003's most outstanding player, the first time Wouter didn't take the award. Congratulations, Bryan Bosshardt.

It should be noted that Wouter still holds the edge in most everything right now, including #1 on this site with a 46-43 edge in WR total. Bryan claims that GameCube distractions could put an end to his GE career, but we heard similar concessions when he left for school. You'll just have to stick around to see how this thing unfolds! Wouter will definitely keep competing (till the end of his life, he'd tell you) so it's really just a question of Bryan's motivation at this point. For the sake of the Elite, I hope he stays :) Awesome year for both, once again.

January - Wouter Jansen - Unfazed by Bosshardt's push, Wouter strengthened his #1 again.
1 Jim Barrett 0:37 Cradle 00 agent, yikes!
2 none no records
3 Wouter Jansen Takes back Cradle 00 agent, plus a 0:36 on SA!!
4 Wouter Jansen Matches Bosshardt on Dam 00, 2:01.

February - Wouter Jansen - Easy month, but hard records.
1 Ryan Dwyer and Martin Bauer Both join the WR page with 0:23 Runway agent.
2 Pascal Viets Also joined GE's Elite with 0:23.
3 Wouter Jansen Surprises himself by matching Bosshardt's 1:03 Surface 1 agent!
4 none no records

Best Player Winter 2003-2004 - Wouter Jansen
Wouter has proven his commitment to GoldenEye in the past few months. Despite an on-charging Bryan Bosshardt, Wouter never quit and now finds himself in a very secure #1 position with Bosshardt taking a break. Wouter's unmatched determination produced a sizable batch of dazzling records over this season, truly testing the limits of the game. By reaching the self-proclaimed "Golden Barrier" of 1:17:59, Wouter has entered territory that no other player may ever set foot upon. Wouter himself believes 1:17's is where it stops. Time will tell; what we know is that when it does, Wouter will still be there.

Spring 2004

March - Bryan Bosshardt - Eight Records, SEVEN untied. One of the best months in memory.
1 Wouter Jansen Heatbreaker! Ties Jim's 1:08 Bunker 1 00 agent.
2 Bryan Bosshardt INSANE week: 0:22 Runway A!!!! 1:50 Surf1 SA/00!!!! 2 others!
3 Bryan Bosshardt Sorry Jimbo, 1:12 Silo SA is *too* good not to get the POW.
4 Bryan Bosshardt Two agent UNTIED records in one week!?! (Silo/Egyptian)

April - Bryan Bosshardt - Six records, THREE untied. No Wouter to content with, however.
1 Bryan Bosshardt 0:52 Surface 2 A!! 1:32 Silo 00A!!!
2 Henrik Norgren and Dan Cervone Henrik - 0:56s on Archives; Dan - 1:19 Dam SA, 0:26 Depot A
3 Jim Barrett Shows off with another untied records, 0:23 Bunker 1 SA
4 Bryan Bosshardt Only record (0:50 Bunker 2 SA)

May - Bryan Bosshardt - Another month, another POM. Seven records, 3 untied.
1 Bryan Bosshardt Rounds off his Statue sweep with 2:20 on agent.
2 Bryan Bosshardt Ties three of Wouter's BEST records (train sa/00, cav sa)
3 Jim Barrett Wow, 4:22 Control 00! Nice work.
4 Bryan Bosshardt 0:24 B2 agent!? WHOA!! 1:06 on 00 finishes untied sweep!

Best Player Spring 2004 - Bryan Bosshardt
Bryan's GE conquest has peaked just as Wouter has taken a break from the game, resulting in one of the most one-sided season awards ever. Accumulating 21 records during the stretch, 13 untied, Bryan has exploded into GE's #1 position by a comfortable margin. Bryan trails Wouter's all-time record total by only 1, but has set a number of smaller records along the way, including SEVEN untied agent records at once! Most notably, Bryan is missing only 9 seconds off GE's total time (only 1-second missing on each of his non-WRs!!!), threatening to redefine Wouter's "golden barrier". At 1:17:16

Summer 2004

June - Bryan Bosshardt - Bryan is so many leagues ahead of the rest of us on Control that it's almost funny.
1 Greg Lewis 2-record week is only slight insight into how good this Aussie is.
2 Bryan Bosshardt HOLY RAYOLA! Control annihilated. 4:00/4:13/4:17 = 12 seconds!!!
3 Dan Cervone 0:56 Archives SA and 0:23 Runway SA; Dan's raising eyebrows....
4 Dan Cervone
Finshes Archives with 0:56 on 00 agent.

July - Pascal Viets - Well, lol... a POM is a POM!
1 none no records
2 none no records
3 none no records
4 Pascal Viets 1:14 Streets agent

August - Alex Anderson - First glimpses of Alex's potential leak into the public forum.
1 none no records
2 Alex Anderson Establishes his presence with 0:26 on Depot.
3 Alex Anderson Joins the legendary Clark with 1:14 Streets agent
4 none no records

Best Player Summer 2004 - Dan Cervone
During the summer, Dan blazed a torrid PR trail that made it clear that he had intentions of joining the Elite's highest echelon. With a pair of 0:56's on Archives, it seemed evident that the only thing with the potential of stopping Dan would be his determination. In the months to come we would see that this wouldn't be a problem....

Fall 2004

September - Dan Cervone - This guy's runnin' with Wouter and Bosshardt!
1 Dan Cervone 0:44 Depot secret agent!
2 Dan Cervone 1:56 Streets SA
3 Dan Cervone 2:01 Dam 00 agent!? Whoa!
4 Dan Cervone 1:56 Streets 00

October - Bryan Bosshardt - Breaking records these days is amazingly difficult - kudos to the Bossman.
1 none no records
2 none no records
3 Bryan Bosshardt Randomly graces us with an untied--2:00 Dam 00 agent.
4 Alex Anderson 0:23 Runway secret agent

November - Ilari Pekkala/Wouter Jansen - Ilari for the shock value, Wouter for the pure determination
1 none no records
2 Ilari Pekkala Wait, what!? Joins Bosshardt and JBC with 0:53 Dam!
3 Wouter Jansen Wouter has had enough -- finally gets his 0:53!
4 none no records

Best Player Fall 2004 - Dan Cervone
Fall 2004 was basically clinched after the first month, when Dan pulled off a clean POW sweep in September. Going into the quarter, we knew Dan had both the motivation and strafing ability needed to compete at a world-class level, having already tied several records. However, during the past few months, Dan was able to put his name into a new class of greatness, tying marks held by the great Wouter Jansen and/or Bryan Bosshardt. Previously respected, now feared, this stretch marked a turning point for Dan.

Winter 2004-2005

December - Adam Moore - Adam Moore comes out of NOWHERE to steal the show! Hooray for the (well, my) glory days!
1 Axel Andersson "Hello World!" - 1:14 Streets agent
2 Greg Lewis The ever-present buddha snags 0:26 on Depot.
3 Adam Moore Moore!? 0:23 Runway SA!? Nice!!!
4 Adam Moore More unfinished business: 1:03 Caverns agent

2004 Player of the Year - Bryan Bosshardt
Well, it's official. We can now call Bryan GoldenEye's greatest player (for now, Wouter would remind us). Going into the year, Wouter still had a slight edge in most categories. Furthermore, it seemed Bryan might be in trouble when Wouter exploded out of the gates in 2004, taking the January and February POMs. But then Bryan returned his focus to GoldenEye and went on to have one of the greatest quarters...ever. Recall that during the spring months, Bryan amassed 21 records -- 13 untied!!!

It would've taken an amazing counter attack for Bryan to lose his grasp on the POY (albeit we were only halfway through the year), and it never ended up happening. Although the GE upstart, Dan Cervone, won the remaining two seasonal awards, they were earned during a very sparse stretch of GE activity. And if we ignore the fact that Cervone out-POQ'ed Bryan 2 to 1, all the other numbers clearly support Bryan. Despite his intermittent activity with GE, he accumulted 10 POWs, but more notably, 5 POMs.

Bryan has now matched Wouter in the POY department, even at 2 apiece.

January - Alex Anderson - Ties 2 records shared by Wouter/Bryan, discovering a new Frigate 00 strat in the process!!
1 none no records
2 none no records
3 Axel Andersson A nice-looking 0:23 Runway secret agent...
4 Alex Anderson 2 frigate WRs!? VERY nice....

February - Henrik Norgren - Breaks one of Wouter's best along with nabbing 1:03 Caverns A
1 Jim Barrett Jim!! 0:56 Archives SA!!
2 Trent Hovis Trent!! 0:57 Facility SA!!
3 Henrik Norgren Sweet first untied on GE's hardest stage, Aztec 00 1:55
4 Trent Hovis Ties Aztec 00 1:55 to start WR streak

Best Player Winter 2004/2005 - Alex Anderson
A slow quarter, but impressive nonetheless, as Alex's rampage on the most luck-driven level of the game earned him the January POM and rightfully this POQ award. While there has always been talk of 0:23 Frigate Agent, that doesn't diminish the improbability of 0:24, and Alex asserted himself as one of the best Frigate players when he nabbed that time. Adding onto that a new Frigate 00 strat to tie the Wouter/Bryan only 1:14 only impresses more, as the luck factor is still huge even with the development of this strat. We will definitely see more from this promising gamer in the future.

Spring 2005

March - Dan Cervone - Ties some of Bryan/Wouter's insane untieds in strongest single month since Boss' March 2004
1 Dan Cervone 1:50s on Surface 1 SA/00, Unwhoards tie of Wouter's Aztec 1:45
2 Ilari Pekkala Depot 0:26 and 1:14/1:56/1:56 sweep of Streets
3 Dan Cervone 1:43 Train SA? 0:57 Fac SA? Ties even the hard ones!
4 Dan Cervone Frigate 00 1:14 seals a very strong month

April - Dan Cervone - Cooled, but not cold. Set half the WRs this month, 2, both untied
1 Ilari Pekkala/Dan Cervone 1:03 Surface 1 A tie for Ilari; 1:07 Frigate SA untie for Dan
2 none no records
3 Dan Cervone Knocks another second off Dam SA, to 1:18
4 none no records

May - Dan Cervone - He just keeps amazing us! 0:53 Dam A hasn't gotten any easier, Frigate untied seals it.
1 Greg Lewis Runway SA 0:23 shows he can still run with the best of 'em
2 Dan Cervone Finishes the insane Dam sweep with 0:53 and 2:00
3 Dan Cervone Casually unties Frigate 00 with 1:13
4 Wouter Jansen The King is back! 0:43 Depot SA?!?

Best Player Spring 2005 - Dan Cervone
Only the third man to sweep a quarter, Dan has quickly asserted himself as a name to be feared in the world of Goldeneye. He's proven over and over again that he can run with Wouter and Bryan, tying some of the records that people just wouldn't expect, Train SA, Surface 1 SA/00, Facility SA, Dam A/00. He also set some of his own records over this period, knocking 3 seconds off the total time, an incredible task, to say the least. Dan's stance as 3rd best may soon be turning into a chase for 2nd best, following such efforts.

Summer 2005

June - Wouter Jansen - No question about it, he's back, and untying the world. Depot and Streets insanity this month.
1 none no records
2 Wouter Jansen Depot 00 0:50 knocks off longest lasting untied after 900+ days
3 none no records
4 Wouter Jansen 1:13 Streets Agent!!!! Finally!!!

July - Dan Cervone - Slow month, but his 1:32 Surface 2 00 was best in July.
1 none no records
2 Dan Cervone Ties another, this time Surface 2 00 1:32
3 none no records
4 Eise Smit I dont like you, Frigate ! Eise returns with 1:07 SA.

August - Dan Cervone - Statue is Bryan territory, and Dan showed he can hang with the best.
1 none no records
2 Dan Cervone 2:20 Statue SA/00??? Boss must be scared...
3 none no records
4 Ilari Pekkala Caverns A 1:03, only WR this week

Best Player Summer 2005 - Wouter Jansen
Two of the most insane untied records the Elite has ever seen in this period earn him this honor. 1:13 on Streets A is maxed, and 0:50 on Depot 00A may never be tied, much less beaten. A very deserving POQ for these two time consuming records and for knocking off the then-longest lasting untied World Record ever.

Fall 2005

September - Wouter Jansen - Finally brings Frigate Agent where it's supposed to be.
1 Patrik Nilsson Gets back on the WR site with 0:26 Depot
2 Brandon Sanford Hard work pays off on Streets 00
3 Wouter Jansen 0:23 Frigate Agent! Best WR ever?!?
4 none no records

October - Ilari Pekkala - 2 untied records on 2 of the hardest missions in the game.
1 Alex Anderson Starts Frigate rape with 1:06 SA
2 Wouter Jansen Ties 1:06 Frigate, has eyes on 00
3 Ilari Pekkala Cuts a second off Aztec SA/00! Wow!!!
4 Wouter Jansen Unties Frigate 00, now to 1:12

November - Alex Anderson - Strong untied on Frigate 00, coupled with nice Egypt/Facility SA ties.
1 Wouter Jansen Frig SA goes down some more: 1:05 from Wouty
2 Ryan White Shocks the world with 0:35 Cradle A
3 Alex Anderson Another Frigate untied! 1:11 00A!
4 Ilari Pekkala Ties 0:35 Cradle in the slowest week of the quarter

Best Player Fall 2005 - Wouter Jansen
4 POWs and 1 POM in this quarter were easily enough to give the award to Mr. Jansen. Fall 2005 was largely the time that Frigate was reborn, as all three records were taken down, including the awe-inspiring 0:23 from Wouter. His determination continued with tying 1:06 on SA and setting his own, later beaten, untied on 00 with 1:12. Wouter has always been a determined fellow on these luck missions, but 0:23 really sets him even further apart from the pack.

Winter 2005-2006

December - Michael Kirkness - 6 WRs in his first month?!? Have we found the next Bosshardt?
1 Michael Kirkness Another Canadian shocker! Ties Runway SA and Depot A
2 Dan Cervone/Alex Anderson Train 00 2:11 for Dan/0:23 B1 SA for Alex in active week
3 Bryan Bosshardt/Michael Kirkness Cradle sweep for the champ/Untied Crad 00 and Arch 16 for newb
4 Ryan White Shows his skills on Streets with 1:56s

2005 Player of the Year - Dan Cervone
In a Bryan/Wouter-less year, for the most part, you wouldn't expect one man to stand above the rest, but Dan Cervone proved us all wrong. His small break near the end of 2004 didn't phase him at all, coming back to GE in March and having one of the best WR months of all time. He won 7/10 POWs awarded in the Spring of 2005, and all 3 POMs, which only Bryan and Wouter had done in the past. While he didn't keep this torrid pace all year, Dan tied some of the records that normal players don't tie. His Statue SA/00A 2:20s put him in a class only with Bosshardt, and his sporadic activity leading to WRs towards the end of the year shows that he still has a lot of potential left. He tied 14 records throughout the year, and untied 3 himself, including taking down the 3rd oldest WR ever in Frigate 00A. Wouter may still be far off, but if anybody in the near future is going to threaten the top tier of the rankings, Cervone looks like that man. We can only hope that he continues to show off his skills in 2006, as we come closer to maxing this game, or so we think.

An extremely honorable mention goes to Ilari Pekkala, whose shocking debut in 2004 was followed up by a valiant effort in 2005. Ilari amassed 14 WR ties and 2 untieds, knocking a second off Aztec SA/00A. While some of his WRs were "common" (common is pretty damn hard in this day and age), Pekkala also tied some of the not-so-commons like Dam SA 1:18 and Surface 1 A 1:03. Ilari has all the potential in the world to become next year's Cervone and threaten the upper echelon of Bosshardt/Jansen.

We can't go without mentioning Wouter Jansen in a POY discussion. While he wasn't nearly as active as some other players, Wouter spent the year taking the total time down, a job he's quite used to by now. Of the 7 WRs Wouter got this year, 6 were untied. This includes 1:13 Streets A, 0:23 Frigate A, and Depot SA 0:43/00A 0:50. Also worth mentioning is Alex Anderson, who accumulated 10 WRs this year, and helped move the oft-forgotten Frigate records down with some new strategies and tricks.

2005 was definitely better than expected for a 8 year old game, and the records still come, albeit slowly. If the end of the year is any revelation for what 2006 will be like, we're in for a good show. New talent like Anderson, Kirkness, and White, along with this years powerhouses Cervone and Pekkala are sure to surprise us, and I wouldn't be too shocked to see the returns of Jansen, Bosshardt, and possibly, just possibly, another Elite phenom. Good game, Elite!

January - Karl Jobst - The Phenom returns in incredible fashion and quickly unties 3 records.
1 Ryan White Ties, then unties Surface 2 A. 0:51=Maxed?
2 Karl Jobst Makes a glorious return with 1:06 Train Agent!
3 Karl Jobst Archives records fall to 0:55 in most active week in years!
4 Alex Anderson Hot on Karl's tail, ties Archives SA/00A

February - Henrik Norgren - Great new Train strat immortalizes Henrik forever.
1 Rayan Isran The Youngster ties Jobst's 1:06 on Train, then unties SA with 1:41
2 Henrik Norgren Surprising new Train strat knocks most time off since Jaws trick!
3 Ilari Pekkala More work on Train 00, now down to 2:01.
4 Ryan White Facility A 0:47, only WR of the week.

Best Player Winter 2005/2006 - Henrik Norgren
It would be impossible to give this record to anyone else, as Henrik single-handedly changed Goldeneye forever with the new Train strat. He also untied a Train record BEFORE the new strat, getting 2:10 on 00A on a great run. The Swedish Sensation was also active elsewhere, nabbing the Archives 0:55s soon after Mr. Jobst, but nothing compares to the brilliant thinking and innovation brought about by the new Train strategy. His initial records of 1:31 and 2:04 did not stand long, but set a new tone for the year, and helped continue the influx of activity that the WR topic recieved at the beginning of the year.

Spring 2006

March - Ilari Pekkala - Insane 9 WRs this month, including Aztec sweep!
1 Ilari Pekkala/Henrik Norgren 3 WRs for Illu this week/Train A 1:05 untied for Henrik
2 Bryan Bosshardt Graces us with his presence and WRs: Train 00 1:59/Azt SA 1:43
3 Ilari Pekkala Aztec 00 goes from 1:52 to 1:50 to 1:49 in 2 days!
4 Ilari Pekkala More Aztec untieds! 1:34 on Agent and 1:42 on SA!

April - Ryan White - 4 WRs in a slow month, but takes down one of the longest lasting with Silo 00.
1 Michael Kirkness Ties Facility A and SA in slow week.
2 Ryan White Takes over on Silo; Strong 1:05 on A and unties 00 with 1:31!
3 none no records
4 Ryan White Surface 1 A 1:03 helps him climb more

May - Michael Kirkness - A very inactive month, but well earned. Runway 22 tie is a sign of things to come.
1 Ryan White Continues with Surface 1, 1:50 on SA/00.
2 Michael Kirkness Ties 2 of the best! Dam 53 and Runway 22!
3 none no records
4 none no records

Best Player Spring 2006 - Ilari Pekkala
Very slow Quarter, but Ilari's insane 1st month earned this award. There's something about March, as Cervone, Bosshardt, and Hovis have all done insane things then, and Pekkala continues it in 2006 by taking Aztec to the limit once again. The tying of 1:35 (followed by the untying with 1:34) takes another of the longest lasting untieds off the list, and brings the record ever closer to that legendary number of 1:31. SA and 00 are easily some of the strongest records out there now, given the difficulty of the levels and completion rate. The rest of the quarter was relatively quiet, but it probably wouldn't have mattered as Illu's March is another month for the ages.

Summer 2006

June - ??? - ???.
1 Michael Kirkness/Ilari Pekkala Michael breaks the greatest untied ever (Bunker 1 A 0:17) while Illu sets perhaps the next (Dam SA 1:17)
2 Ilari Pekkala Breaks another barrier with Dam 00 1:59!
3 Ryan White Archives A 0:16 and SA 0:55!