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Herein we honor those whose dedication and achievements have forever impacted the past, present, and future of

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The Class of 2005

Sterling Neblett ::Sterling Neblett
 Joined November 1997
 -Goldeneye's first dominant champion, Sterling set the bar for the future of the league. His innovations in the early era of speedrunning were important in keeping competition and activity strong and in taking gaming to the next level.

Wes McKinney ::Wes McKinney
 Joined August 1998
 -The first man to take on the task of running the show, Wes created the first World Rankings page for Goldeneye and continued the arduous task of updating it by hand for many years. He was also a legendary player and one of the early contenders for the GE championship.

Jon Barber ::Jon Barber
 Joined May 1999
 -The biggest pillar of the Elite for the longest time, Ngamer has been the overseer of rankings, forums, contests, and everything else Elite. His legacy continues today as the active administrator and historian of the community.

Derek Kisman ::Derek Kisman
 Joined June 14 2000
 -Apart from being the smartest man alive and an incredible, world-class gamer, SnapDragon's lasting impact on The Elite will always be the advent of an automatic rankings updater, providing ease and style never before seen.

Ben Gorman ::Ben Gorman
 Joined July 6 2000
 -The ultimate PD champ, Paragon's domination left more impact on the game than any other, inventing such insane strategies as the Defection fall and Duel's pause-spin trick, and holding every PA record at one time, a feat never before accomplished, and not likely to be again.

David Gibbons ::David Gibbons
 Joined July 19 2000
 -One of the first PD champions and first to put WR videos online, marsh has been a cornerstone of the Elite since its' inception. He's carried his talents over to other games, as one of the most popular speedrunners on the Speed Demos Archive and a notorious writer on GameFAQs.

Randy Buikema ::Randy Buikema
 Joined August 2000
 -Randy cemented his place in history when he became the first Dual Champion in the spring of 2001. His ability to dominate both PD and GE was something never seen before, and his popularity rose to unequaled heights during his active days in the Elite.

Wouter Jansen ::Wouter Jansen
 Joined September 26 2000
 -Wouter has been the most consistently great Goldeneye player ever to grace the ranks, dishing out insane World Records and revolutionizing the game with his own strategies and tricks. He's also the most consistently proven player ever, with thousands of his own vids.

Derek Clark ::Derek Clark
 Joined February 19 2001
 -Derek will always be the figurehead of the Elite, single handedly breathing new life into the site with the purchase of the domain and subsequent handling of the page. His GEWR page and other side projects always manage to entertain and impress players new and old.

Bryan Bosshardt ::Bryan Bosshardt
 Joined May 2002
 -The Golden Boy of the Elite, Bryan constantly does the unthinkable, whether it's a new WR, or becoming only the second only Dual Champion. His innovations have been incredible for joining the ranks nearly 5 years after the games release.

The Class of 2006

Karl Jobst ::Karl Jobst
 Joined 1999
 -Arguably the greatest Perfect Dark player ever, Karl has been one of the most talented gamers to ever grace The Elite, making the hardest records seem easy and testing the limits of the game every time he picks up a controller.

Chris Rayola ::Chris Rayola
 Joined May 1999
 -"ExpertGamer" has always been an integral part of The Elite. This founding father was a huge force in the early days of PD competition and is responsible for creating and running The Elite Boards for almost 7 years!

Matthijs ten Ham ::Matthijs ten Ham
 Joined 2000
 -One of the most likeable and respected Eliters, Matthijs has always been a strong force. From his rise to the podium in GE to his Summer Contest domination, this Dutchman is definitely a winner!

Greg Lavery ::Greg Lavery
 Joined 2000
 -"captZEEbo" has been a cornerstone of the The Elite community since the site's inception back in April 2002. He was a part of the original staff as The Elite's updater and was always a great source of funny news tidbits and silly antics.

Bryan Youse ::Bryan Youse
 Joined April 2001
 -Bryan Youse may have been the most popular member of The Elite in his heyday, as perhaps the most consistently funny personality on the forums and in the chatroom, and holding the position of rankings updater for well over 3 years.

We thank the Elite Hall of Fame selection committee for their efforts in deciding this group.

Class of 2005 Committee: Jon Barber, Steve Bryze, Josh Lay, Wes McKinney, Ryan Dwyer, Sam Hughes, Bryan Bosshardt, and Phil McCanna.

Class of 2006 Committee: Sterling Neblett, Wes McKinney, Jon Barber, Derek Kisman, Ben Gorman, David Gibbons, Randy Buikema, Wouter Jansen, Derek Clark, Bryan Bosshardt, Steve Bryze, Patrick Johannessen, Phil McCanna, Jean-François Dubreuil, Ryan Dwyer, Josh Lay, Sam Hughes, Chris Rayola, Tim Dubovsky, and Ricky Pusch.