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Upward Movement From Down Under

October 13th, 2014 at 12:34pm by Derek

The Aussies have long held key footholds in the ranks, and in 2014 we’ve seen the rise of another great one — Luke Szklarz.

Luke cracked the top-3 this month, a tier reserved for Elite legends. He shared the following after briefly passing (secretive/mythical) Mark Rutzou:

It blows my mind to think about it, the last 2 years have been a whirlwind. the journey this game takes you on – even with the low points and struggles – is all worth it all. I’ve challenged myself with lots of different things in my life so far but this has been one of the most rewarding to date. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Luke’s latest feat is a rare untied record, setting 1:13 on Caverns SA using the strat he helped pioneer earlier this year.

The next featured Aussie is no stranger and has long secured his name among the game’s legends — Karl Jobst. After a 6+ year hiatus, Karl made an unexpected return to the game in 2012, flying out to the Virginia Meet and hustling everyone but Clemens. Karl has since posted a remarkable rise, now up to 6th place, starting as low as (30ish?), and achieving an untied world record along the way (Cradle 00 0:35).

Another veteran, Illu has made a strong return to the scene, completing his Jungle crusade by tying all three of Ace’s once-untied records – 50/53/54. Extremely impressive.

Other notable movement includes Jimmy Bauer squeaking by GoldenEye’s live-stream, celebrity Ryan “Goose” White (who, as most know, made a big splash with an untied of his own, 1:54 Streets SA — watch the real-time stream video if you haven’t!). Both are resolved on breaking into the top 5; some guy named Bryan Bosshardt stands in their way. Karl, however, is working on some crazy three-game simultaneous speedrun conquest and may be paused on GE for a bit.

Stay tuned for updates on the Elite’s presence at AGDQ 2015 (preview: both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark will once again be showcased by an all-star crew of Eliters, a few who may have just been mentioned… And Jimbo.)

PS – Cosmo (yes, that Cosmo) has been playing GoldenEye a bit, we hear…. we also hear he hit an 80-pt time or two. Should we expect less?

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The Elite Podcast – Episode 2 Now Available!

September 7th, 2014 at 12:12pm by Jimbo

If you’re looking to kill an hour and catch up on everything going on with the Elite as of June 20, check out the Elite Podcast episode 2!

He SKIPPED 0:55!

August 24th, 2014 at 8:08pm by Derek

Long-time veteran Illu once was the inarguable lord of the Jungle, setting salacious untied records on each difficulty some time in the year…. (Jimbo, spot me!) [Jimbo Edit: It was November 2007!]

Beast-modded with Monster energy drinks, Illu SKIPPED 55 to establish an RI-IP shared record of 0:54 on Jungle 00 Agent. Details of the run are unknown to this point, but we can only assume perfect lines and some doubles helped propel Illu to this legendary time. In the meantime you’re invited to enjoy this bizarre teaser video (from, of course, the long-standing “Snowdome Productions” studio):

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Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye 007

August 20th, 2014 at 2:13pm by Derek

Pierce Brosnan was on the Tonight Show last night, and, before they concluded, host Jimmy Fallon busted out GoldenEye 007 and challenged Pierce to a live match.

What followed was something surreal… seeing a (non-pixelated) Brosnan bumbling around Complex as Fallon — clearly more prepared — underplays his general familiarity with the game before killing Brosnan.

IRL Bond’s weapon of choice? Unarmed.

Untied Records, New Top 5 Player! Holy August!

August 11th, 2014 at 2:15pm by Jimbo

While Perfect Dark is [sadly] closing in on the 365-day mark with no world records posted other than Duel, Goldeneye has held fast in its incredible activity level and we have a few notable achievements to talk about.

Current champion Rayan Isran is still continuing to post untied world records, even in a day where the game is so considerably optimized already. Continuing from the previous update, Ace got Aztec Secret Agent 1:34 using the far-riskier Agent strat, thus knocking off a world record Marc Rutzou has had since June 1, 2010. After this, Ace went after another one of Marc’s untied records and nabbed himself Train 00 Agent 1:49 after several failed runs and duped completed 1:50s. Watch the commentary videos linked below for further analysis of the runs by the champ himself!

In other news, we have a new top 5 player on the point rankings, and that player is Australian juggernaut Karl Jobst! Karl, having been around the site since the stone ages and once claiming the #1 spot in overall time, has slowly clawed back in the last year in direct competition with fellow Australian Luke Szklarz. While Luke is on break, it’s Karl’s time to shine and possibly go after 4th place Bryan Bosshardt, who still remains inactive in individual levels and continues to practice for a possible AGDQ Agent race.

Finally, a note of congratulations goes out to top 10 runner Ilari Pekkala, who nabbed himself a 1:08:xx run at the European Speedster Assembly earlier this month. The 1:08:xx is special because it beat his own goal of sub 1:10:00, beat his personal record, and had no fails or deaths using skill-based strategies and of course was completed in only one try. Only one word can describe this run, C-L-U-T-C-H. Great job Illu!

A Bountiful July

July 30th, 2014 at 10:00pm by Ryan White

GoldenEye 007 had a bountiful harvest this July with a huge number of World Records achieved among many speedrunners, old and new.

We saw multiple runners, drawn to Goldeneye from watching others stream it on Twitch, achieve their first World Records. Jonathon “dsxchallenger” Hotinski got a nice Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Alec “Troubleclef” MacDonald sniped his way to Archives Agent 0:16 and Dam Agent 0:53, and Justin “DT” St. Pierre; an already well established Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 speedrunner made his mark on Goldeneye with all three of the aforementioned records.

While this may seem like a lot of news, worthy of its own front page update, it was only the beginning.  The upstart and fittingly named Eric Bond potted both Depot Agent 0:25 and Depot Secret Agent 0:40.  The latter being extremely impressive because it ties a perfectace untied… an RI EB time.  Eric moves up to holding 7 World Records; quite something when you consider he only started running Goldeneye in February 2014.

Jimmy Bauer picked up the pair of Streets 1:55s, Jimbo managed 1:55 on Secret Agent.  Luke Szklarz finally notched his Cradle Agent 0:34.  And Rayan “perfectace” Isran continued to do what he does best.  Ace rounded out a Silo sweep with 1:08 on Secret Agent and 1:21 on 00 Agent (after nabbing that 1:00 Agent in June.)  But he wasn’t done yet.  Marc’s Train sweep became Ace’s next target, and he nailed 00 Agent 1:50 and Secret Agent 1:23 too.  Marc goes down to only 3 remaining untied World Records and Ace moves up to 14!  Ace’s dominating championship reign continues to grow strong with every further record achieved.

FOUR players added to the Surface 1 Agent logjam at 1:02; Karl Jobst, Ryan “RWhiteGoose” White, Henrik Norgren and Daniel “Wodahs” Reklaw.  The latter two using control style 2.2, saving those precious 0.3 seconds.  This has ignited the question on whether or not a 1:01 is possible.  Henrik also tidied up with a Frigate Agent 0:23, as did Karl.  And Wodahs added with a Surface 2 Agent 0:48.  But to outdo them all, Goose managed to add this;

Streets Secret Agent 1:54 [ UNTIED WORLD RECORD ]

His first untied World Record since 2009; Streets Secret Agent 1:54.  Watch the live reaction and subsequent 10 minutes of joy with several hundred viewers in Twitch chat.  A run with 6:0 boost ratio is what it took Goose, after 99 hours of grinding all month long to finally achieve this remarkable untied WR.  His Twitch chat swelled well over 1000 viewers in the post celebration of the untied WR, a testament to the growth of the Goldeneye speedrun community, and excitement of dropping the game’s total time.  That stands at 1:12:16 now, and most top players agree 1:11:59 will happen some day.

July 2014 will go down in history as one of the greatest months in Goldeneye speedrun history here on, and asking for another month like that is a lot.  But more and more great players continue to pick up the game themselves and there is no telling when 1:11:59 total time can happen.  With pacing like this, it could be a lot sooner than was ever dreamed.

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Bunker 2 Agent 0:23 – two more…

July 8th, 2014 at 3:56am by Derek

It’s been over a year since Marc squeezed out the tenths (hundredths?) required to hit 0:23 on Bunker 2 agent. For many it was a surprise, as 0:24 was hardly seen as a “common” agent record.

5 days ago GE’s #1, Rayan “Ace” Isran matched the time, the first to do so (15 months having passed). Great personal comment on his time — “me and marc rutzou” (enough said).

Then, yesterday, Elite veteran Karl Jobst surprised himself by matching the feat live on stream — check out the video below for another great reaction video:

PS: Nods to Lockwood for a slick Jungle A 0:51, a time shared with only 5 others beyond Ace’s 0:50 (hint: another reaction video, albeit… reserved)

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Australia Represent! One Month of Caverns Secret Agent Optimization!

April 14th, 2014 at 8:28pm by Jimbo

Back about one month ago, the Elite (and in particular Luke Szklarz) tossed around an idea that it would be entirely possible to heave a timed mine through the big door on Caverns SA and into the radio room to complete objective C – much like the mine throws now used on Control. Proof-of-concept was finally delivered and the race to 1:18 and beyond was on which gave us quite a few nights of entertainment.

The throw itself is a precise throw, comparable to Surface 2 Agent, which requires Bond to chuck a timed mine in full left strafe at a particular angle and in a specific part of the tunnel. Bond must chuck a timed mine in a space the size of a mailbox; all of this while dealing with several extremely accurate guards and the likely scenario of the scientists failing anyway. The level has become much easier to survive, but still leaves a completion rate somewhere in the low single digit %.

On March 30, Canadian superstar MichaelMouserKirkness posted his first career untied record with 1:18. With that monkey off his back, previous champ and American sage Bryan Bosshardt tied that record within a few hours. The race for multiple untieds was on! Australian powerhouse Luke Szklarz would also post his first career untied record with a skip directly to 1:16 on April 4, a time Swedish player Ilari Pekkala would tie just a few hours later as well. The next day, Bryan Bosshardt would get the “run of his life” in what ended up as a 1:14 completion and a 4 second skip into what was his first untied record since June 2012. Not to be outdone, Luke Szklarz posted 1:14 to break Bryan’s heart and solidify his time for the near future. It must be noted that neither the champion Rayan Isran or 3rd place player Marc Rutzou have beaten their former best times and former world records of 1:19. In total, as of this post, only 7 players have completed a run using this strategy.

In other game news, Australian champ Luke Szklarz continues to sizzle up the ranks as former Australian champ and direct competitor Karl Jobst skyrockets up the rankings. Luke would post Surface 2 Agent 0:48, a couple of previously mentioned Caverns Secret Agent world records, and finally would tie a DCMR time of Caverns Agent 1:01 – something even Ace doesn’t have quite yet! Karl has posted an incredible string of personal records, finally getting close to cleaning up his notoriously one-sided times page. With too many good individual times to list, his recent run is highlighted by Runway 00 Agent 0:35 – a time that ties a 4.5 year untied record that dates back to November 2009! Luke vs Karl is shaping up to be a wonderfully entertaining rivalry.

Cradle 00A 0:35 finally happens, Runway SA 0:22 is matched!

March 26th, 2014 at 10:19pm by Jimbo

March 26, 2014 – a day that can be remembered for GoldenEye relinquishing its last reasonable untied record, and the day when former giant-killer Michael Kirkness ended a streak that started on August 7, 2002.

Karl Jobst, former Australian champ, perennial multiplayer powerhouse, former champion of the game in time rankings back in the very early 2000s and strat contributor posted Cradle 00 Agent 0:35. The quest to earn 0:35 on 00 Agent began back in July 2008 when former champion David Clemens posted Secret Agent 0:35, but no players emerged as the candidate to put in the likely grind needed to match that record on 00 Agent. Not only did Karl get his first untied record since January 17, 2006 (Archives Secret Agent 0:55), but he did the entire run with only one ZMG in the hut in style.

Part 2 of this milestone day is Canadian player Michael “Mouser” Kirkness finally tying Bryan Bosshardt’s last remaining untied record with Runway Secret Agent 0:22. This is the first time in 11.5 years that we will not see a solo pink “BB” on the rankings, a streak that spans over 4000 days and won’t be threatened to be matched in many years. Michael Kirkness’s previous most notable achievements are being the first player to tie Runway Agent 0:22 in May 2006, and Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 back on 666. (June 6, 2006).

Fantastic job to both players, as well as everyone who helped contribute to the Control massacre of the last few weeks. The records currently stand at 3:56 / 4:04 / 4:05.

The Elite Hivemind Destroys Control, Karl & Eise Move Up

March 8th, 2014 at 12:26pm by Jimbo

If you’ve waltzed onto the GoldenEye boards or taken a brief look at the rankings since February 23, you’ll notice a trend amongst the top players. 6 of the 7 most recent world records have been Control Agent after new, more consistent strategies have been found to make Natalya’s 17 second escape far more consistent. It all started when Ilari Pekkala tied 3:58, which was previously considered to be a god-tier time in April 2009 (David Clemens). 5 days later, 8th place player Jimmy Bauer came out of left field and posted 3:58 as well, prompting others to play it and try for that elusive 3:57 untied. Ryan White promptly tied 3:58 during a live wodahs-reklaw Mumble broadcast. This flurry of record-ties prompted formerly-retired and current champion Rayan Isran to get 3:57 within an hour’s playtime, and now 3 people have tied 3:57 in the past few days. The race to 3:56 is on.

What has happened, you ask? The beginning lift can be warped, thus saving around a half a second; you can now destroy the drone room mainframe and glass mainframe without ever leaving Natalya’s area (exploiting the mine-through-walls glitch); you can shoot Natalya in a way that lures her closer to the stairs after Objective B completes; endings of 17 seconds or better can now be done on an infinitely more consistent basis, thus yielding more legitimate runs and chances at 3:59 or lower.

The Elite is fortunate to be a well-glued community. Instead of many players playing many different levels, many of the top players tend to stick to one level, obliterate their old times and move on, leaving knowledge learned to the players that come after them. It wasn’t long ago that 3:59 was considered an amazing time, but now it is sitting at a fragile 90 points and unacceptable for most top tier players.

In a quote stolen from rwhitegoose at AGDQ 2014, the Elite hivemind sticks together and we all suffer from a case of monkey-see-monkey-do. The first monkeys, however, are the pioneers and cornerstones of the Elite community and must be recognized for their efforts and time invested to make the strategies usable for all of us.

In “other” news, which by no means is meant to be a degrading comment to the rest of the community, we’ve seen Jimmy Bauer return to action by posting that extremely elusive Statue Agent 2:18, thus completing the 2:18 sweep which began in March 2008 on 00 Agent by Bryan Bosshardt. Karl Jobst is furiously climbing the ranks, posting an insane amount of world records and now sits a measily 11 points out of 10th (Shawn Johnson) as of this writing, and 100 points behind me in 9th. The other big mover this year has been Eise Smit, who now sits in 10th place in overall time, just 5 seconds away from the elusive 1:15:59 overall time. The unknown ninja Luke Pettit also made his presence felt by scoring Frigate Secret Agent 1:00, a record formerly choked away in 2012 by David Clemens and gotten by Luke only after an extreme amount of hours, and 3 completed 1:01s. Lastly, Canadian superstar Michael “Mouser” Kirkness, famous for being the man to tie Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 and Runway Agent 0:22, has made a big comeback after returning from hibernation.

Player of the Month, February 2014

This month’s award goes to Jimmy Bauer! For completing the Statue WR sweep including an untied 2:18 on Agent, plus a very impressive Control Agent 3:58 (which he’s since improved to 3:57!)

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