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A Resurrection of Many Years in a Few Hours

I never thought it could be this much fun again. I never thought I could actually resist it more than one hour. I never thought I could gain some of the skills I used to have. It all happened yesterday, when 18 year-old Swedish Elitist Patrik Nilsson (ranked as 37th currently on the GoldenEye Rankings) visited me. Patrik was on a trip through The Netherlands and stayed in a hotel very close to your Flying Dutchman’s residence.

He arrived by bus around 10:45 AM and left five hours later. We first had a chat and some good laughs in the backyard. Patrik showed me his insane DDR skills by playing Stepmania on his laptop. He told me he’s ranked in the top 10 for Swedish DDR players, something I, judging from what I saw, clearly believe. After seeing too many arrows, we entered my private penthouse aka my room. After hooking up everything, we took our seat and started the slaughtering. On first instantion my VCR didn’t work, later on we fixed it and taped some GoldenEye multiplayer deathmatches which I will try to put online. It was Swedish devilish 1.2 versus Dutch classic 1.1. We both hadn’t played the game in ages, but gained the touch pretty quickly. Neither Patrik or me was inferior, we were pretty much equal to each other. The longer we played, the more I started to realize that this game still is incredible to say the least. It all game, uhm came back to me.

Various hilarious moments occurred on my telly, with Patrik playing as Boris and me as the helicopter pilot. The settings were LTK, pistols and matches up to 10 points. Well…Patrik actually didn’t need any pistols to sent my Dutch soul into oblivion. In the 3,5 hours we played, he managed to slap me down four frustrating times. Talking about ”Ten Ham-humiliating” here:D! The level I always used to unbeatable at, Complex, still was my fortress. Out of the 5 matches on Complex, there was total Dutch domination. Lots of matches ended up in a difference by the smallest margin. Time flies when having fun and before we got the hang of it, Patrik had to leave.

To sum up Patrik’s visit: a great guy to meet and someone with great gaming skills, resulting in really exciting and intense deathmatches. I will post all the pictures in the GoldenEye forum.

Thank you for reading, it was a pleasure to come back once more at this reliable territory…

Posted: July 3rd, 2006
at 12:42pm by Matthijs

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A Resurrection of Many Years in a Few Hours

Goldeneye Unites!

Posted: July 3rd, 2006
at 12:19pm by Matthijs

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