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If you haven’t checked this site since, say, last November then you may have missed a couple of major additions. First, the elite has been kind enough to host NGC-Elites after losing their previous home of Second, a new staffmember has been added to t-e.n to help manage the NGC side of things. Tim “Silent Thunder” Dubovsky will do his best not to screw things right up. Considering the promptness of this introduction, things look to be off to a good start.

As part of this ngc/t-e.n merger, ngc elites has also adopted the elite’s policy for proof. World records are no longer accepted without full video proof.

I’d also like to give a great, big, 5 month late thanks to the t-e.n staff for agreeing to host ngc-elites and for their help in getting ngc-elites up and running again.

So, just what has happened at ngc-elites since the t-e.n merger? Well, some of the most insane records yet have been set in the past five months. Stain Removal 24.8 from Fitzy? Crazy. Previous records were over 27 seconds. 4,000,000+ on SLS? Wasn’t too long ago when 1 million was an eye popping score. All of the Astrolander records have been broken, not to mention that RetroRacer is now down to 57.40. Demolition Derby is up to 90(!) kills. Batteries has been lowered by yet another tenth, and Bricking It has just recently seen an unthinkable drop down to 15.6 seconds.

TS1 has seen its share of WRs with notable improvements on Tomb, Docks, and Spaceways from Stefan “Ace” Persson, SniperWD and myself.

There have also been several impressive efforts on TSFP, although activity there has been low in recent months.

Posted: April 13th, 2007
at 10:29am by SilentThunder

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