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Information, information!

An informational update, as it has been awhile since my last news entry. May 26 to be exact.

Firstly, 8 WRs were gotten by 3 different people in about a month, with the last month being inactive (no people got any WR this last month). To begin with, Illu managed to tie Air Base Agent 1:15, whereas Red Bull managed to get Skedar Ruins PA 1:30 (an untied by 2 seconds by his previous WR) and tied the last standing untied by Karl, Skedar Ruins Agent 1:08.

Perfect Ace (or Rayan Isran as is shown on the rankings) really impressed us all by posting 4 WRs at the same time, after unhoarding in our fellow game GoldenEye and snatching the first place there. Those WRs include the beating of the everlasting Infiltration SA 1:31 by 1 second to 1:30, Pelagic II ownage: SA from 1:45 to 1:43 and PA from 2:03 to a stunning sub 2 minute time, 1:59! This reminds me that this will probably be the last PR-minute-breaking time, unless I’m missing something.

Going to the PR-side of life, a while ago Ryan White continued to play some PD and got some awesome PRs. I have to say yet again, like in my last news entry, Illu; watch out for your rank, Ryan is coming for you!
It also seems that more and more people from GoldenEye are taking a small break and want to check out some PD as it is the legendary Glen Stevens who managed to run through Chicago in 16 seconds and be extremely lucky with a good Investigation bot! The other GE player (maybe deep in his heart still has some PD love) is the good ol’ Henning Blom who seems to have no problem improving his old PAL times.
Carathorn has also been rising the rankings quickly by improving some of his times to some solid 80+ pointers and other great stuff, whereas his country member speedruntrainer is sick to his stomach by a roundup of 1:33.96 to 1:34 on Investigation Agent! Furthermore, Red Bull is currently playing PD a lot and hopes to pass Taka in points soon, and is even thinking secretly about the likes of YE and Boss.

Apart from the WRs and PRs some outside discussion and rankings updates have caused the PD players to go into a meltdown, being confused and pulling their own hair just to calm themselves down. What has happened you ask? It seemed that our lovely updater whose name shall remain to be unknown updated Carathorn’s PD times with the wrong table. This resulted in Carathorn having 41 untieds, just crazy!

Lastly I would like to emphasize: ‘do me proud, play some PD’!


Red Bull

Posted: July 28th, 2008
at 5:26am by Red Bull

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