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Your 2008 Elite Champion is…

64 days later, and here we stand… After defeating Reds, ST, MLM, SZ, Bully, Illu, and DK, last year’s Bronze Medal winner Wouter stands on the brink of his first Elite Summer Contest Championship.

But not so fast! There’s another true Titan opposing him on the other side of the squared circle: the always dangerous octo! octo has knocked out Poker Mark, Leo Santos, sdkess, marsh, Neo, Infil, and Shade to get here today, and will be looking to avenge last year’s result. Back in 2007, octo was the feel-good surprise of the year, blasting all the way into the Final before coming a vote short against Wouter’s longtime rival and friend, Boss.

Will it this be the second “close, but no cigar” Silver result for octo? Will Wouter take home his first Gold medal after five years of coming up just a little short? Only your votes will decide! As always, this is a special two-day long matchup; be sure to send an IM with your choice off to DKK5 on AIM sometime in the next 46 hours to have your say!

Posted: August 3rd, 2008
at 1:51am by Ngamer

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