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Mild curiosity has pushed me to make a topic about the elite’s primary area of gaming; if you could take a generic photo of where you speedrun or play for fun, that’d be great!

Topic can be found here

Posted: April 23rd, 2010
at 10:48pm by Jimbo

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The Old and the New

I’ve got quite a bit to talk about today! Perfect Dark has been out on the 360’s Live Arcade for a month now, and let me tell you, it’s worth the $10! I’ve managed to beat all the levels on all difficulties, and am just working on a few more crowns and waiting on a few more patches to help me get all the achievements. Some eliters have shown up and done some very impressive things: failurewarning made quite the comeback to the tune of quite a few (temporary and now beaten) 1st place times, and is still ranked highly on the online leaderboards. Chuya Takizawa has several WRs and is #1 in overall time for Agent and Special Agent, and drag has a top 100 time on some level, I believe!

The multiplayer is also back, and better than ever. We’ve had several thrilling online sessions, whether it was a Laptop Sentry Party with QB or an FFA Hold the Briefcase with…QB (Josh has been gracious in hosting often). The maps and weapons are all back, but are now lag-free and look beautiful. The multiplayer stat-tracking also returns; who will be the first to reach Perfect:1? It could be YOU!

But there’s also been plenty of excitement on the good ol’ N64. Perhaps inspired by the re-release of PD, Rayan Isran AKA Perfect Ace turned on his N64 once again and has been going on a tear. Ace must be upset about losing both his 1st place spots, ’cause he’s within three points of Taka for Perfect Dark Champion, and sits only 17 behind David Clemens on the GoldenEye ranks! Ace has posted 11 World Records within the last month, and has once again shown himself a force to be reckoned with.

The other big news is Surface 2! A new mine throw has enabled Rayan, Jimmy Bauer, Wouter Jansen, Axel Zakrisson, Ilari Pekkala, Glen Stevens, Ryan White and Ryan Koch to all get Agent 0:49, and a few have talked of 0:48 being possible. The new mine throw is inspired by an incredible Secret Agent 0:51 from Cliff Hampton! Cliff does enjoy a good untied, and has surprised us multiple times now with incredible records out of nowhere. Clemens, champ that he is, tied Cliff’s time promptly, re-establishing himself as the S2 king.

In other news, the NBA and NHL playoffs have both started, and have been quite exciting so far! The Red Wings and Coyotes had a shootout in one of their games, and the Celtics and Heat were already fighting in Game 1 of their series (I blame Garnett). You can still turn in your NBA preds in General Cat; the deadline is tonight’s puzzle hunt! That’s right folks, it’s hunting season. The MUMS puzzle hunt begins at 9:00 Central time tonight, and the well-populated team of eliters will be hard at work solving whatever they throw at us.

Also, I beat TWINE for the first time (just on Agent so far). The last level is horrible.

Posted: April 18th, 2010
at 12:37pm by Thiradell

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