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Legendary Goldeneye record destroyed by a legendary player!

June 20, 2012 – One of the most historic days in the history of the elite. It was just a few short days ago that former Goldeneye champion Bryan Bosshardt finally shattered the longest standing world record in the history of the elite. Runway Secret Agent 0:22 was achieved 4 years after Bryan’s first few serious attempts began in 2008.

Some facts about the history of Runway Secret Agent:

1. Karl Jobst got 0:23 on November 9, 2001. Since then it became the longest standing non-Duel record in the history of the Elite. The record stood for 3,876 days. 2nd in line is Dam Agent 0:53, achieved just under a year later.

2. 52 people in total lost a record – there are now only 42 total players with a Goldeneye world record.

3. David Monteith was the last player to get 0:23 as a record, Luke Pettit is the first player to get 0:23 as a regular personal record.

4. Often considered the token “easiest record” in the game, that title likely now belongs to Archives Agent 0:16 or Streets Agent 1:13 … depending on whom you ask.

5. 0:23 was achieved with the 1.2 control style with an original N64 controller, 0:22 was achieved with the dual-controller 2.x setup with a Superpad controller.

Posted: June 24th, 2012
at 12:30am by Jimbo

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The June Update – 22 seconds gone, SUMMER CONTEST!

To summarize the month of May, Perfect Dark has completely stolen the show for headlines and activity. Investigation Agent has seen a total time drop of 22 seconds from the previous world record of 1:27 to a completely-unforeseen 1:05 by Ilari Pekkala. The record and strategy has now been optimized into a double-laser-glitch, essentially eliminating the bot-speed-luck factor altogether.

The video of the current record of 1:05 can be found here.

On the Goldeneye side of the spectrum, some new mid-carders have emerged as the powerhouses of the PR topic this month! Ryan Koch has emerged from a 30th-ranked player and is now knocking on the door of the top 15 with PRs such as Dam 00A 2:00 and Silo A 1:06. David Monteith, now shedding the mantra as “new Dave”, has gotten 17 total PRs in the month of May, including Runway Agent 0:22 and an astounding Depot 00A 0:49 as his world records for the month. David is currently ranked 25th as of this update and I’m personally very curious to see what he can do in the month of June!

Finally, the big non-game news of the month is the emergence of the annual Elite Summer Contest! All the information including brackets, links to everything, and match write-ups can be found in General Chat near the top of the boards.

We all openly welcome the time of year when contest is upon us. Certain people who are inactive throughout the other 3 seasons of the year come back to catch up and have fun as the traditions of first vote, predictions, and participant reactions roll through chat and the boards on a nightly basis.

Posted: June 1st, 2012
at 10:49pm by Jimbo

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