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First it was Runway SA 0:22, now Streets?!

It was Saturday, June 25, 2005 – Wouter Jansen, the elite’s greatest 1.1 control style player and one of the most dominant speedrunners in the elite’s history, finally achieved an unheard-of record of 1:13 on Streets Agent. That record stood alone for a year and a half until Ryan White tied it on March 2, 2007. Since those two, 22 additional players claimed 1:13 as a record on their times page – including myself just 3 short days ago – only to see the record fall today by a player who is almost certainly the most persistent player since the days of Wouter Jansen himself; both players being so determined to get a record that many others would simply settle for less on.

That player is Marc R├╝tzou, whom now is finally a top 5 player after a long period of time with an incomplete set of times. 1:12 was a figment of the imagination for a while until Ryan White had a 1:12.99 rounded up a few years back. Marc’s robot-perfect strafing, a cash offer of $100, the new addition of 2.2 control style, and hours upon hours of free time has contributed to a record that most certainly will not be tied by very many people in the long run.

As it stands, only 41 people currently hold a Goldeneye record, and only 33 people hold multiple records – an astoundingly low number in comparison to the BBWJ era or DCRI era.

Without further ado, here is the video. Once again, congrats to Marc for being a stubborn speedrunner who literally settles for nothing less than the very best. :)

On a horrible sidenote, David Clemens is the 2012 Elite Summer Contest winner! Clemens was victorious by a margin of 28-26 over his opponent, who had another solid showing in the contest for the 2nd time in 3 years. Dave’s win closes the book on possibly the most dominating month in elite history (see previous update for his Virginia results)

Posted: August 16th, 2012
at 12:20am by Jimbo

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The (belated) August update – Virginia winners, chicken dinners!

11 days late, but hey who’s paying attention right? The 6th international meet of the Eliters and (a few specific) Karters came to a close about 9 days ago, and what a meet it was!

David Clemens took down his first Virginia Goldeneye championship in rather dominating fashion, winning 5 matches in a total of only 6 played over competitors Karl Jobst and Jimbo Barrett. Karl showed his amazing ability by backing up all of his trash-talk on the boards and finishing a solid 2nd… Myself on the other hand, well… I was no more than a meat bag for these guys. When it comes to 3P and 4P games, these 2 are in their own zip code. It’s also to note that David took home a cool $250 cash from Karl in a special 4P match set up by the Aussie with his own custom rules. David ended the meet about $400 richer and with an amazing controller as a prize…

In Mario Kart 64, Bryan Bosshardt cruised to his first Kart championship. With his win, he continues the streak of no repeat winners since 2008. Upstart Tyler “Third” Wishall took home 2nd place from the angry Jimbo Barrett, who finished 3rd, just ahead of Nathan Stinson. (note: That was my 5th consecutive finals appearance without a win, Kart can get depressing sometimes)

In other Goldeneye news, Marc Rutzou finally became a top 5 player by getting a complete set of times. With relative ease, he coasted into his current 5th place in both time/points. Ryan Koch keeps climbing the rankings and is now ranked ahead of legend Wouter Jansen and ice cold Aussie Glen Stevens. Ilari Pekkala came out of his inactive cave and posted a Depot SA 0:42 just after he was supplanted by Marc Rutzou. Finally, I myself have posted about 100 points worth of new PRs to get over the 5000 point mark again. (Goldeneye has been relatively inactive the last month and a half compared to the last few updates)

Last but not least, the elite Summer Contest is wrapping up and the 2 finals entrants have been announced! Check the boards to see who made it!

Posted: August 12th, 2012
at 1:36am by Jimbo

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