Years ago a (spectacularly NSFW) phenomenon known as "goatse" spread across the Internet. Unfamiliar? Just search "goatse" on Google Image Search, have a shower, then rejoin us below.

The 8 phases of goatse

Phase 1: Shock
"AGGH WAT NO" *minimize*

Phase 2: Disbelief
*restore* ........... *full size* ........... ummm

Phase 3: Disgust

Phase 4: Anger
This isn't the picture of Grumpy Cat I ordered

Phase 5: Curiosity
Yep... they're in there all right."

Phase 6: Reconsideration
This is product of ...lots of practice and hard work.

Phase 7: Enchantment
Poignance is beauty.

Phase 8: Approval
Much better than surprise pictures of dead people!

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History: This page was shared as an in-joke on a message board and became somewhat viral. I've left it intact in HTML-standards-incompliant glory.