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Goldeneye’s longest-standing untied ever finally tied!

After 1,812 days - just a hair under 5 years - Bryan Bosshardt's Statue 00 Agent 2:18 was finally tied, and althought it wasn't actually used in Marc 00 Agent run, it yielded a new strat that might make that time the new standard for our top players. Marc Rutzou's ingenious find of a small tweak in the route to and from the Trevelyan meeting has proven to save anywhere from 0.4-0.5 seconds if executed perfectly. Suddenly, a 2:18 sweep seems imminent with a possible 2:17 00 Agent on the horizon. Side note: After tying 00 Agent, Marc promptly tied Jimmy Bauer's only untied record with Secret Agent 2:18. The video linked is recorded live with all of Marc's reactions out there for everyone to hear. He explains some of the facts behind finally achieving that coveted 2:18.

Posted: March 13th, 2013
at 6:58pm by Jimbo

Categories: GoldenEye,Milestones,World Records

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