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Hell Freezes Over

August 21st, 2005 at 12:26pm by Steve

I, teh comeasaurus, have finally gone crazy.

The Goldeneye World Records Page is completely updated. All the pages involved with it, including Awards, are also current. It should all display properly in the browser you should be using, Firefox, as well. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably a page that nobody cares about except Wouter and Bryan.

Enjoy, kids, and in the words of my mentor and secret lover, “you stay classy, Elite.”

Posted: August 21st, 2005
at 12:26pm by Steve

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Comments: 20 comments

  • fuck me

    once again, no pow for me, cause filling the empty weeks with someones name would be far to hard.

  • Adam

    Great work, Come!!!! GEWR was the first competitive GE page I came into contact with so I’m very glad to see that it’s still being maintained :)

  • Shadow

    And no comment was made on the fact that 1:17:00 was broken? I am still amazed to see that, never thought I would!

  • Shadow

    And no comment was made on the fact that 1:17:00 was broken? I was amazed to see that, never thought I would…..

  • Shadow

    Hmm, so important I had to say it twice…. or some other lame excuse.

  • Eise

    Thanks for the POW award Come :), really nice you updated :)

  • come

    Heh, yeah, I DID notice about 1:17:00 being broken while updating, but it slipped my mind while actually writing things. Bear in mind this update took around 8 hours total between the past 2 days and you’ll understand. 😛

  • http://sls Jimbo

    Come, you could have at least mentioned the 4th ranked player in the world. I DID get 1 WR, and was overtaken for 3rd…Ah to hell with it, say what you want, I just like seeing my name on such a divine piece of website :(

  • Eise

    Perhaps your WR wasnt good enough Jim 😉

  • Derek Clark


    8 hours? It’s somewhat of a relief to know I wasn’t just slow or something. Hooray for a horrifically inefficent web site 😛

  • bcks

    Eise got his 107 on 23rd day of the month, and won pom for the 4th week, wouter got 113 on the 25th of the month and got 3rd week pom (both were different months)
    How the hell is that possible, where are you seperating the weeks, however you fill like? :angry:

  • Derek

    Days in a month divided by 4 rarely is a whole number. I’ve always been flexible with the POW dates (always with the players in mind). I trust Steve’s discretion.

  • come

    That was my error, Brandon. Wouter’s should be 4th week, and Eise’s is correct. I misplaced Wouter’s time as being in the 3rd week, because in my list of WRs it’s just divided into weeks, with nothing to note that there was an empty week there (I figured I’d be able to do that in my head). This doesn’t mean you get the week 3 POW though, since your record was done on the 24th, which is part of Week 4 in June. The necessary change has been made to the page.

  • bcks

    So the weeks begin and end where? :doze:

  • bcks

    Not gonna consider ltk wrs, like derek did?

  • come

    In June, the weeks go..

    1 – 1st to 7th
    2 – 8th to 15th
    3 – 16th to 23rd
    4 – 24th to 30th

    As far as I know, Derek never did consider LTK records for an actual update.

  • bcks

    Check your history, and you will see he did have ltk pows, im guessing only on weeks where nothing happen in normal wrs, im assuming.
    So 7/8/8/7 is the format always? What about for 31 days and feb.

  • come

    LTK records were "awarded" 4 times, 2 of those were on weeks with other WRs by the same person, and I’m assuming the others were special cases because the times were so notable.

    Get over it. Really. If you have more to gripe about, use AIM or email.

  • bcks

    Since when is asking questions considered gripeing? Only derek and you know the date answers, i would rather ask for everyone to see the answers, becuase almost everyone doesn’t know what the "range" is.
    I will get over it, when you get over yourself. So that could take years for you.

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