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Movie madness!

Hey there! Summerbreak has arrived in Dutchville and that implies I finally have some time to add even more value to The Elite. The great news is that I managed, in cooperation with France’s nicest garcon Alexandre Gimenez (aka Nodjo), to create a 1 GigaByte (!) French server. In the past we had several problems with these servers, because they have the unwanted tendency of vanishing into oblivion. However, as long as the space is available and everything’s working perfectly, we shouldn’t leave this opportunity unused as our community can benefit from it.

Right now, the supply (the AIM directories excluded) of our (fastest) movies for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark is rather a monotonous story. As for GE, our current top 3 players are heavily represented. As for PD, there’s a bit more variation compared to its predecessor. The idea is to give everyone a chance to show to the rest of the world what he’s capable of. It has a lot in common with our Better Luck Next Time movie pages from the past. Now, we only have more space and thus multiple records for a particular level and difficulty setting can be put online. Let me know what you think about this initiative to improve the worthiness of the community!

And with our contest being almost halfway, don’t forget to cast your vote every day! Ten Ham out…

Posted: July 6th, 2005
at 5:20am by Matthijs

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 5 comments

  • Derek

    Wow, this is great news. Doesn’t seem too long ago when we couldn’t find space for anything. Now it seems we have more space than we know what to do with. Part of me dreams of creating an index of every known GE vid (omitting cases of multiple vids on the same mission by the same person–Wouter…) I had a lot of fun messing with all the movies back in the day.

    Right now I’m hoarding them for my own secret purposes….

    Great to see a Matthijs post :D

  • Wabs

    France’s nicest guy isn’t Nodjo !!! :D :P :rolleyes:

  • come

    Nope, it’s JysFoxCal! :D

    Yay Matthijs!

  • dan

    sweet, more vid space is always a good thing. :)

  • Adam

    Yeah good idea, not all of us are as good at GE as Wouter, Bryan or Dan, unsurprisingly. Also, it may provide a wider showcase of skill throughout the elite. Good stuff.


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