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New Rage Champion?

If there were a champion of game rage, we have a serious contender.
A fellow by the name of Skarma dropped me an email describing–with no shortage of detail–his dark history with the game Gran Turismo 4. In his own words:

“I have actully gone through 7 PS2 controllers so far on just that ONE game, 6 of which I still have in my possession. The 7th I destroyed it so badly its nonexistent.”

Stuck at 99%, he finally directed his rage away from the controllers and toward the game, having “wiped the floor with it”.
The game’s true legacy in Skarma’s life will probably be the scars (skars?) decorating his parents’ house:

“I no longer have a door on my room anymore and almost every door in my house has a huge hole or 2 thats been punched in it.”

Jesus. Feel free to browse some of Skarma’s handy work:

Posted: February 9th, 2010
at 12:21am by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 8 comments

  • clemens

    Grow up. =/

  • Matis

    Game rage is great for stress relief, try it!

  • Inkosi

    I was the Game Rage champion when i played Bunker 1 DLTK

  • anon

    try getting laid. Would relieve some of your frustration.

  • Inkosi

    anon: Anyone can get laid. Getting a girlfriend is something else ;)

  • wheatrich

    I don’t think the ds was the pic to show. Everybody breaks that hinge.

    Based on the game rage we know about and the broken stuff I’ve seen online–we’ve probably barely tipped the surface of the game rage phenomenon.

  • Aita

    Really? This is front page news?

    Glorifying someone who trashes gaming equipment (he broke a GBA? that’s a hell of a feat) because he’s annoyed is kinda terrible, considering the elite is a speedrunning site, and hell, good speedrunners get fed up with a lot of shit they have to do to compete, regardless of system.

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