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Original Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade

Its been nearly 10 years since we first set our eyes on Joanna Dark, and now 10 years on she is set to spring onto Xbox Live Arcade. Now we all know that Perfect Dark Zero was ok, but nothing special and in comparison against its predecessor quite frankly sucked, so when Rare announced that the original Perfect Dark was to arrive things started to look up.

Rare have already stated that the port will include updated visuals, but keep almost all of the original content that made it what it was. In addition, we have online multiplayer over Xbox Live and i am pretty sure they would be adding leaderboards for levels.  So what does that mean for the

Well first of all it could quite potentially bring more users to this site and increase competition should these new users still have the original. Personally for me it will be interesting to see whether or not the Defection glitch is still possible, or even the Deep Sea glitch for that matter. I don’t expect that the times achieved by the many great gamers on this site can be achieved through an Xbox 360 but it will be interesting to see what can be achieved.

The game is set to be released in Q1 2010, since as of yet they have yet to release an actual date but i am certainly looking forward to it.

Posted: January 5th, 2010
at 7:31pm by Fal

Categories: Perfect Dark

Comments: 6 comments

  • Vitor

    Nice thoughts there Fal! Would be interesting to see how some of the great players would handle the remade version. Looking forward to it!

  • QB

    I guess Defection :06 will be the first thing I go for. Definitely curious as to whether it will work.

  • Fal

    It would be quite funny to see a bunch of us at the top of the leaderboards for most levels.

  • MYT

    I am skeptical as to whether the old glitches will work – although I imagine some new ones will be found.

    Will be interesting to see if any glitches are uncovered on the xbla version that would enable a faster time than the N64 version!

  • tomthetoad

    There are already images.. you should link them.

  • Spencer

    I love perfect dark, I still play it for N64 :)


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