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Rankings statistics

Today marks 1 month of new rankings! To celebrate, here are some statistics about our usage.


There are 54,054 times in the database.

50,481 (93.39%) are current PRs.
3,451(6.38%) are old PRs.
122 (0.26%) are deleted but still remain in the database.
(percentages don’t add to 100% due to rounding)

2,318 times (4.28%) have videos.
436 times (0.80%) have comments.
6,172 times (11.42%) have a date achieved.

49,683 times (91.91%) have the system field not set (ie. Unknown).
2,771 times (5.13%) are NTSC.
1,600 times (2.96%) are PAL.

Axel Zakrisson has the most times with 737 (most are old PRs).
Bryan Bosshardt is second with 388.
Wouter Jansen is third with 351.

Axel Zakrisson has the most videos with 333.
Bryan Bosshardt is second with 126.
Ryan Dwyer is third with 107.

Bryan Bosshardt has commented on 126 of his times.
Henning Blom has commented on 95.
Alex Anderson has commented on 60.


There are 652 users.

49 users have logged in since launch.

26 use 1.2.
7 use 1.1.
619 haven’t set their control style in their profile.

351 play GoldenEye.
467 play Perfect Dark.
166 play both games.


The rankings subdomain had 4,901 visits in the last 30 days.
The rankings subdomain had 54,162 page views in the last 30 days.

In comparison, the whole of (including rankings subdomain) had 21,054 visits and 74,074 page views. For every 3 visits the main site receives, one person visits the rankings. However, the rankings dominate in number of page views.

In the month of November, using the old rankings, t-e.n had 18,752 visits and 24,854 page views. The new rankings have tripled the number of page views that t-e.n receives.

The GE rankings have had 6,226 page views, which is 11.50% of our total.
The PD rankings have had 3,917 page views (7.23%).
The rankings homepage has had 2,741 page views (5.06%).

Jimmy Bauer’s GE times page was the most visited, with 624 views.
Axel Zakrisson’s GE times page scored 532 views.
Luke Pettit’s GE times page scored 384 views.

3,241 visits (66.13%) came from a referring site:
- 2,116 came from
- 384 came from our forums.
- 114 came from Facebook (through likes).
1,512 visits (30.85%) were direct traffic (bookmarked or typed URL manually).
148 visits (3.02%) came from search engines.

The most searched term on Google that led people to our rankings was… “ryan honkonen”. This search term was used 15 times.
Second was “axel zakrisson” which was used 8 times.
Third was “goldeneye world recordes” (sic) which was used 7 times.

2,045 (41.73%) of our visits used Firefox.
1,189 (24.26%) of our visits used Chrome.
959 (19.57%) of our visits used Internet Explorer.
383 (7.81%) of our visits used Safari.
205 (4.18%) of our visits used Opera.

Of our IE users:
99 visits were using IE9.
834 visits were using IE8.
23 visits were using IE7.
3 visits were using IE6, which we don’t support.

4,068 (83.00%) of our visits were using Windows.
281 (5.73%) of our visits were using Mac.
225 (4.59%) of our visits were using Linux*.
186 (3.80%) of our visits were using iPhone.
87 (1.78%) of our visits were using Android.

* I probably contributed to the majority of the Linux share, but disabled Google Analytics for myself around Christmas time.

That’s all, folks!

Posted: January 9th, 2012
at 8:01am by Your Eliteness

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 4 comments

  • Artur Domingos

    Nice, if we made that in one month, how much we gonna do for future times.

  • BRIO

    How many newcomers since the new rankings?

  • Your Eliteness

    There were 5 newcomers. BlackChaos, Various Varieties, Artur Domingos, Louie and Bruno Alberto.

  • Woll

    “The most searched term on Google that led people to our rankings was… “ryan honkonen”. This search term was used 15 times.”

    Lol looks like Honkonen is googling himself again.


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