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t-e.n hits the airwaves??

Elite patron Thomas Andrews (aka “wiwf”) brought a remarkable little piece of news to me several weeks back. A friend of his, named Dennis Paul, runs a radio show at a station in Seattle. He was coming up on his last day at this station and asked Thomas (online) if he had any song requests. Thomas made his request and the two kept talking and apparently got on the topic of GoldenEye, and later, Ultimately, our site received mention on the air, along the lines of:

“Thomas from Colorado, the Goldeneye Geek, wants you all to know to go to There is an hyphen after the, so that you cats don’t get mixed up.”

Thomas added that he really has no idea what kind audience the broadcast had, but hell–not too bad!!

Posted: February 20th, 2005
at 4:50pm by Derek

Categories: Uncategorized

Comments: 10 comments

  • adam

    Tomuz i5 teh l337!!!!

  • Shadow

    Awesome! The first known mention on the air waves! Or so I understood. Go for television next Derek ;) Taken slashdot, radio, and after television, let’s turn our sights toward space eh?

  • dan

    Hehe. There’s also a link to on the Wikipedia entry for "Goldeneye". :)

  • Fal’s mor

    Coincidently, there’s also a link to Fal on the Wikipedia entry for Fag.

  • Thomas

    Thanks! It’s about time I got some recognition! :)

  • Andrew

    WTG Tom! Classy. lol :hehe:

  • Beau

    Wow! Way to go Elite! Not many websites can say they’ve been on the radio.

    I wonder if anyone who heard that actually went to it though.. Hmmmm.

  • Thomas

    I recently talked to Dennis. SPU (Seattle Pacific) does not do normal radio brodcasts, like ones you can pick up on your car radio. SPU does webcasts. So basically no one really got to hear it unfortunately, unless they wanted to hear Dennis be a really lousy DJ, which he is. :(

  • Derek


  • Shadow

    Heh heh, yeah but let’s not spoil Derek’s glorious moment here :D Oops! Too late. We still love you Derek!


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