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The Best… Ever?

Our 10 lucky Xmas/History winners have been chosen, and I’m happy to announce that the packages have been assembled, wrapped, and are on their way to their new homes! If you weren’t able to make it into the Chatroom to watch the Live drawing, you can still catch the excitement in the topic, or better yet, watch the names be drawn before your very eyes on video. As if that weren’t enough, though, ’tis the season to jump from one fun contest directly into the next. Which is why just a moment ago we revealed the next big Ngamer/Come production…

The All-Time Elite Awards. This time we’re going to reward the best in history, not merely the tops from the past year. But best of all, you get to decide who will go home a winner at the January 1st Awards Ceremony! Votes are going to be cast through e-mail; check the topic for more info on casting your ballot. Speaking of the ballot, check it out! Why, that’s some mighty fine jpging, if I do say so myself! (PS – I do.) So think that over, come to the topic to share your thoughts if you would like, and have yourself a very merry voting.

Until next time, Narnia is pretty awesome, and Ngamer… out!

Posted: December 18th, 2005
at 1:17am by Ngamer

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