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The May Update – New PD Champ, Records FALLING!

There’s just something about a fairly new player storming onto the scene and setting personal records that take people by surprise. It’s a whole different ball game when that same player starts posting world records and (new) knowledge of the game at a fast pace. David Monteith has achieved some very solid times in the last month and has taken his “new Dave” mantra in stride as he flies up the rankings and the world record charts. Dam Agent 0:53, Runway Agent 0:22, and a sweet untied of Depot Secret Agent 0:40 have taken the elite by storm recently, most notably with the (relatively unknown and unused) control style of 2.4 – a style that takes hours to perfect and great patience before its rewards can be reaped.

Not to be outdone by the “new guy”, some old-timers are still around and posting some world records themselves! Karl Jobst now has Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 to his credit, as does proof-moderator Axel Zakrisson. Ryan “Goose” White came out of nowhere to post his Surface 1 00 Agent 1:49, and Jimmy Bauer became only the 4th player in the world to get Depot Agent 0:25.

Some insane activity has been going on in the world of Perfect Dark as well! With his onslaught of untied world records (Escape Agent 2:11, Escape PA 3:16, Escape SA 3:15) and tied records (Air Base A 1:14), Taka has emerged as the new #1 ranked Perfect Dark player in the world, overtaking Ace by a solid 10 points.

Goldeneye juggernauts Boss, Illu, and Clemens have also gotten a few records in their “other” game. Those being Investigation SA 2:07, Infiltration A 1:10, and a total sweep of Skedar Ruins (1:05 Agent, 1:21 SA, and 1:29 PA). These guys combined are probably the most furiously talented trio in either game, and can destroy any record with their collaboration of talent and knowledge. Beware, even Max Bout no longer has an untied record…

To end this update, I’d like to direct you to a topic created by perennial historian Greg Woll on the Goldeneye boards. The topic‘s content is Greg’s un-hoarding of valuable knowledge of the game in the last few months / years. Credit to Jimmy Bauer for helping with some of his findings.

(Hint: The boards are blowing up with new and relevant content, check it out if you’re not a frequent poster!)

Posted: May 3rd, 2012
at 12:21am by Jimbo

Categories: GoldenEye,Milestones,Perfect Dark,World Records

Comments: 4 comments

  • Zeupar

    Congratulations, Taka! Awesome job with Escape. :D

  • Replier

    Escape Agent 2:11 :O

  • Asker

    Where is the video for Escape Agent 2:11?
    I would like to see it! :D

  • Maian

    It is 2:21. typo


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