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The September Update – Major Age Milestone!

On August 25, just one week ago, our beloved Goldeneye turned 15 years old. The fact that 15 years has passed by and new untied world records are still being achieved solidifies the status that Goldeneye is clearly one of the greatest and most well-designed games of all time. To this day, no major game-breaking glitches have truly been uncovered in an attempt to shave massive chunks of time off of the current overall time of 1:12:52.

Note: In the history of the official elite rankings, only 7 different players have ever held the title as points champion; 8 players have been time champions.

Continuing the trend of Goldeneye always dominating the front page updates, Denmark’s powerhouse Marc Rützou is slowly climbing the ranks – he currently sits at 5th in points and 3rd in time. After achieving Streets Agent 1:12 (see previous update), Marc completed the sweet with 1:55s on both Secret and 00 Agent. In addition to Streets, Marc finally provided a proof video for Surface 1 00 Agent 1:48 – a time which was achieved in August 2011 but never published on the rankings permanently due to a proof discrepancy.

Dan Cervone, always the sneaky speedrunner and well known for “sniping” easy world records out of nowhere, also achieved 1:55s on Streets Secret and 00 Agent. Joining the party was David Witten, who also got Streets 00 Agent 1:55. (I’m seeing a pattern here!) Finally, the last world record achieved since the previous update was Statue Agent 2:19 by Adam Bozon, who now has a 2:19 sweep of the level and is tied for 2nd on the leaderboard.

A few final notes:
- For our NFL fans out there, the elite continues the tradition of fantasy football, pigskin pick ‘em, and spread betting through one fairly large and active topic, which can be found here.

- Perfect Dark is not dead, but not very active either. Carathorn has gotten a few new times on Pelagic II, while David Clemens has been streaming his attempts at a new untied record (1:38/1:39) on Special Agent on the same level.

- Hopefully by this time next month, the Virginia 2012 compilation video will be complete and will be the primary topic of discussion for the next update assuming no major strats or untieds are found.

- Check the elite rankings to see new implementations by Your Eliteness. Not only are the rankings far more practical and efficient than they have ever been before, but now they are streamlined and look amazing! It can never be overstated as to how important YE’s contributions to the elite since last Christmas have been.

Posted: September 3rd, 2012
at 11:04pm by Jimbo

Categories: GoldenEye,Milestones,Perfect Dark,World Records

Comments: 3 comments

  • Logan

    Really enjoy the updates as a succinct way to find out what is happening records-wise—great job and keep ‘em up!

  • Jimbo

    I appreciate that! It helps knowing people actually read these and take the relevant info I try to get out for everyone to notice :)

    I’ll keep doing monthly updates until my hands fall off I suppose.

  • Jonesy

    I really enjoy Jimbo’s mor.


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