The Elite Community Guidelines ("The Elite") has established these community guidelines to help foster a vibrant and welcoming community.


All members of The Elite should be able to participate without fear of harassment in any form. By setting clear expectations for behavior, we hope to continue growing and building an amazing community focused on playing video games.


The community guidelines always apply to any interactions between members of The Elite. This includes any in-person gatherings ("meets") and all official online community spaces of The Elite, including:

The community guidelines should also be observed in other places where members of The Elite interact. Examples include:

  • Online live streams and chats
  • Unofficial, personal, or private servers on Discord or other chat platforms
  • Social media accounts where you represent The Elite

Community Values

All community members are expected to maintain these values:

Be respectful to others!
Treat all people with respect and empathy, whether they are members of The Elite or not.
Use language mindfully!
Your choice of words can have a strong impact on the community. Constructive criticism is okay, passive-aggressive or belittling language is not.
Allow others to participate!
Activities, events, and discussions should be structured for broad participation. Working together and congregating in the official community spaces is encouraged.
Speak up!
It is everyone's responsibility to maintain a healthy community. If you see that someone is having trouble following the guidelines, give them a gentle reminder.
Follow the rules!
Our various community spaces each have different norms and rules of conduct in addition to these community guidelines. Follow them.

In the spirit of the values above, here are some behaviors community members should avoid:

Harassment is never allowed.
Avoid disturbing, demeaning, or embarrassing others or the community as a whole. Harassment includes but is not limited to:
  • Use of unwelcome names or language
  • Threats of embarrassment or violence
  • Disrupting discussions or the community
  • Intimidation, stalking, following, or sharing private information
  • Inappropriate physical contact or sexual attention
Avoid offensive language.
Use of offensive language related to physical appearance, nationality, ethnicity, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities is not welcome. Offensive or harassing jokes are also not okay.
Do not attempt to undermine the rules.
Any attempt to evade punishment or circumvent the community's rules is a violation of the community guidelines. This includes the creation of alternate accounts or identities.


If you witness inappropriate behavior by others it is your responsibility to help resolve the situation. Depending on the situation, you can try any of the following actions, as appropriate:

  • Engage the offending party respectfully and remind them of the community guidelines
  • Contact any moderator of the space where the violation occurred
  • Contact any community administrator
  • Contact the Community Guidelines Team

The Community Guidelines Team has been established by the owner of The Elite to handle any community guidelines violations that cannot be resolved by other means. This team is independent of the other community administrators or moderators. You may ask questions about these guidelines or alert them of any violations of the community guidelines by sending them an email at

Any contact with moderators, administrators, or the Community Guidelines Team regarding reports of community guidelines violations made in good faith will be handled confidentially.

If you believe someone has violated the community guidelines and wish to make a report, it is important to include information relevant to the event so the situation can be resolved effectively. Examples of things you should include in your report if possible:

  • Highlights of behavior or actions you believe violate the community guidelines.
  • Context in which the violation occurred. This includes your description of events leading up to and including the conduct violation.
  • Evidence that the individual(s) have violated the code of conduct. (e.g. text logs, screenshots, audio/video recordings, statements from other members)


The person(s) you send your report to will work with you to decide whether an action was a violation of the community guidelines or not. If a violation has occurred, they have broad authority to take appropriate action.

Possible consequences may include:

  • A private warning
  • A public warning
  • A timeout or temporary ban
  • A long-term ban from participation in some part of The Elite's community
  • Complete removal from The Elite

Any disputes relating to violations of the community guidelines or punishments for violation will be handled by the Community Guidelines Team.

If you have any concerns or questions about the community guidelines, you can send a message to at any time.